Niffelheim: Vikings Survival
Niffelheim: Vikings Survival

Niffelheim: Vikings Survival MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 1.5.96

The Old Norse underworld adventure. Craft, explore and fight to survive.

App NameNiffelheim: Vikings Survival
Publisher Ellada Games LLC
MOD InfoPremium Unlocked
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About this MOD

Premium Unlocked

Niffelheim: Vikings Survival is a 2D action-adventure video game that takes players to the Norse underworld. Niffelheim’s background is in the Viking era and offers players the chance to experience the harsh and merciless land of Niffelheim while attempting to escape the realm.


You are a brave warrior who fell in battle. But instead of the peace he deserves in Asgard, his soul is trapped in the harsh world of Niffelheim. Survive in this hostile world, search neighboring lands, explore dangerous dungeons, and make your way to Valhalla.


In Niffelheim: Vikings Survival, players take on the role of a warrior who has died and been sent there. The player must explore this dangerous planet full of dangerous animals and obstacles in order to find a way back to the land of the living. Survival, exploration, and battle are all parts of the game, as players must gather resources, build structures, and fight creatures to move forward.

Key Features

  • Survival: While exploring the game world, players must monitor their hunger, thirst, and overall health. The environment is harsh, with few resources and numerous dangers, making survival a hard effort.
  • Exploration: The realm of Niffelheim is huge and full of surprises to uncover. As they unravel the secrets of Niffelheim, players can travel through harsh forests, deadly mountains, and hazardous dungeons.
  • Find a way out:  In the game, players have to collect all the pieces of the portal to Asgard. However, it is hard because they are fiercely guarded by mighty giants, deadly spiders and hordes of the undead.
  • Combat: In Niffelheim, players will face a wide variety of monsters, from deadly animals to mighty bosses. Players can use weapons, magic, and strategy to beat these enemies and move forward in the game.
  • Crafting: Players can gather materials from the world around them to make things like weapons, armor, tools, and structures. This mechanism enables players to customize their experience and approach to the game to their liking.
  • Multiplayer: Niffelheim has a cooperative multiplayer mode where people can work together to explore the underworld.


  • Immersive 2D graphics: The game has stunning 2D graphics that capture the spirit of the Viking age and the dangerous underworld of Niffelheim.
  • The music for Niffelheim is an epic and powerful piece that fits the game’s mood and atmosphere perfectly.
  • Gameplay that is intense and hard: It is not an easy game, and players will face many obstacles and challenges as they try to stay alive and escape.
  • Rich and complicated world: Niffelheim has a world that is full of history, legend, and secrets that are waiting to be found.


Niffelheim: Vikings Survival is a difficult and rewarding action-adventure game set in the Norse underworld. With its blend of survival, exploration, and battle, Niffelheim provides players with an immersive experience replete with difficult tasks and a fascinating environment to explore. Action-adventure and survival game fans will have a lot of fun with Niffelheim, whether they play alone or with other people.

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