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App NameNicotom 22 Draft + Pack Opener
Publisher Nicotom 2021
Require5.1 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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Nicotom 22 Draft is an exciting sports game with many great seasons developed by Nicotom 2021. Collect, train players, and create the best football teams in the world now.

About Nicotom 22 Draft

Football is the king sport, and of course, football games are not lacking in the market. Most of these games are built on virtual players of two teams competing against each other. However, Nicotom 22 Draft brings a big difference in gameplay and graphics. You do not have to control the players. Instead, you need to collect and join the match against other players with cards. You did not hear wrong; the cards will compete against each other. These cards are all excellent players from many different teams globally. Although the matches in the game are pretty fast, it is enough to give you a unique experience and bargains. Moreover, competitive competition is not your primary goal. The new championship is the ultimate goal you desire.

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Unlike other sports games, the gameplay of Nicotom 22 Draft is not complicated and requires a lot of skill. It revolves around collecting player cards, building drafts, and participating in matches for rewards. You need to collect the cards of the best players in the world to create the ultimate team. Then, build a draft from selecting positions from the list of 22 best-skilled players. After making the team, you can compete with other opponents through the seasons.

This competition helps you to know the effectiveness of the squad and receive many attractive rewards. These rewards include new player cards, coins, or NT points. In addition, each match lasts less than 1 minute. There will be a note of the matches’ happenings and scores on the right side. After the time is up, you can see the results, the matches’ values, and the number of coins you can receive. You can start new matches continuously without waiting.

Unlock players cards via packs

The players in the Nicotom 22 Draft are not anonymous. They are good players from all over the world. There are 2221 players in different positions and teams with varying stats of skill. You can collect these players by opening packs, including My packs, Special, Promo, and SBC. Each pack will provide different features, such as changing the position of any player or unlocking new player cards.

For example, Gold packs will include six regular players and rare players. Meanwhile, rare player packs will include 12 players, and all are rare. When you open these packs, you have a chance to meet favorite players like Aguilar of France, Kabasele of Germany, Angelino of Spain, etc. These players will appear randomly. Therefore, you cannot predict which player you are about to appear with after opening the pack. It is also an attractive element of the game.

Nicotom 22 gameplay

Drafting for the match

A good strategy with the correct player positions will help you win easily. Unlike Nicotom 21 Draft, Nicotom 22 Draft increases your Draft to 22 cards. Before participating in any Draft battles, the game allows you to adjust your strategy. The offline Draft allows you to choose and build a team of FUT player items. Retro Draft will enable you to select and form a team from the FUT 11-21 player item. Depending on the selection, the number and player cards are also different.

Besides, you can adjust the formation like 5-2-1-2, 3-5-2, or 5-2-2-1, etc. To choose the best formation:

  1. Look at the cards you have and evaluate the number of stronger players in attack or defense.
  2. Change the players for positions by dragging and dropping the cards.
  3. Pay attention to the cards links. The green links represent well-organized and highly effective locations. Meanwhile, the yellow/red links represent averages, and you need to change them.

Compete in seasons and get rewards

Once you’ve finished collecting and organizing your team, see where your team is. Seasons has many fun, competitive ways to test the strength of your team. You can choose to compete:

  • Player: play one match and get 200 NT
  • Div 10 Champ: Win Division 10 and get 200 NT
  • Novice: Win five matches and get 500 NT
  • Div 9 Champ: Win Division 9 and get 5000 NT
  • Moderate: Play 25 matches and get 1000 NT
  • Others

The higher the requirements of these seasons, the greater the rewards you get. Before starting any match in the season, you can change the team’s lineup. Adjust your squad in Nicotom 22 Draft accordingly to win as much as possible.

Squad building challenges (SBC)

When you complete challenges in SBC, you can get exclusive tokens. However, the requirements of these challenges are pretty high. For example, if you want to get rare player packs, you must achieve:

  • Number of players in the squad: 11
  • Team chemistry: Min.50
  • Team overall rating: Min.83
  • Rare players: Min.7

Other challenges like OTW Grealish (Man City, Villa), ICONS, EPL POTM,… will have higher requirements. Therefore, to get these exclusive cards, you need to build your team better.

MOD APK of Nicotom 22 Draft + Pack Opener

MOD info

  • All Unlocked
  • Unlimited Money
  • Ad-free


Nicotom 22 Draft football matches with famous players’ cards will excite you. Download this game now and build your own best soccer team.

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