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Is learning how to survive and thrive in a vast world always on your mind? If so, you’ll love the gripping survival experiences in NewDawn.

About NewDawn

NewDawn is a fascinating open-world adventure game of the medieval fantasy genre. The manufacturer plans to release this game in 2022. Plus, the game’s attraction is the fantasy gameplay and attractive 3D graphics. It also has the feel of a classic action role-playing game with challenging survival missions. You will have to build everything from scratch while exploring a new world. The world in this game is impressive with its primitive and unexplored. You are the first factor to discover and create miracles in this open world.

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NewDawn’s gameplay

With gameplay that focuses on exploration and experience, you have to do everything in NewDawn. You will start the game by choosing the gender and appearance of the character. You can build your character by changing your face, hairstyle, hair color, and skin color. Then, name the character to start his journey. You will live with the biomes and start your survival journey by collecting the necessary materials. These resources are scattered all over the place for you to collect.

With the collected resources, you can use them to make food or build a shelter. Besides, you have to catch animals and gather plants to create food. Don’t forget to build a shelter to avoid harm from the mobs. While playing, you also need to pay attention to the health and strength bar. These bars will show up from green to red. It demonstrates your strength from good to weak.

Missions throughout the journey

There isn’t a specific big quest in NewDawn. Instead, you will experience each small mission to learn how to survive in this world. These quests help you to collect the necessary items for your life. For example, you need to build a roasting rack, make a storage box, hunt five boars, etc. These quests revolve around hunting, gathering food, building shelters, etc.

The game will guide you step by step and lead you to the instructors. They will provide the task and show you what to do next. You can also observe your journey on the dashboard. It shows the chapters and missions you have, are doing, and need to complete. Also, it shows the items you will get upon completing the quest. Try to complete as many quests as possible to gain items.

NewDawn features

Beware of monsters

This land is not as peaceful as you think. It contains many dangers and can harm you at any time. The danger you need to watch out for the most are monsters. Whether it’s day or night, they can appear to harm you. These monsters are divided into many levels with different levels of strength. You will not guess how they appear and attack you. Therefore, you should equip weapons to attack and defeat them.

One piece of advice for you while playing NewDawn is to measure your strength and not attack all the monsters you see. If they’re too big and you don’t have enough power, run away from them. After defeating these monsters, you can collect items. The stronger the monster, the more valuable the items you get. The items you can get include skin, meat, horns, etc. It’s useful for making weapons and food that gives you energy.

Team up to coexist in the harsh world

If you are afraid of being alone, team up with other players to survive in this world. The co-op mode in NewDawn allows you to team up with up to seven people to perform tasks together. With the help of other players, you can complete tasks faster. Also, you can kill powerful monsters to collect more items. However, it is not always possible to meet teammates. Expand your mobility to meet other people more easily. You can communicate and be friends with them first when you meet them. Note, when fighting together, the items can be divided equally, and you are not the one to receive all.

3D graphics and beautiful character creation

The world of color and sound in NewDawn is sharp and beautiful. Its graphics are full 3D and meticulously designed to every detail. You will be impressed with the landscape and the movements of nature. Also, it is a large world with green nature and majestic mountains. In particular, the weather in the game changes seasonally and over time. It has both daytime and nighttime with different landscapes. You can see the sun in the morning and the starry sky at night.

Nature and landscape also change according to the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter as the real world for you to experience different spaces. Besides, the character creation is very lively and eye-catching. The characters are designed in their style with changes in appearance. Character movements are always smooth, so you can enjoy the game in the best way.


Unexpected challenges, unannounced monster battles, and foraging journeys await you in NewDawn. Try the Beta version of this game to know what survival feels like.

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