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NetX Network Tools PRO MOD APK (Paid)

Discovers and manages all devices connected to the network WiFi/Mobile

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About NetX Network Tools PRO

NetX Network Tools PRO is a robust mobile app that gives customers access to various features for managing and diagnosing their networks. This program provides a complete solution for locating, monitoring, and managing networked devices thanks to its extensive capabilities and intuitive UI. NetX Network Tools PRO gives its consumers the tools to improve network performance and security through scanning, monitoring, and testing. In-depth explanations of the many valuable aspects of this program are provided here.

Locating and Managing Networked Equipment

With this app, users can quickly learn about any network hardware. The software scans the network and displays the IP address, MAC address, vendor information, Bonjour Name, NetBIOS Name, UPnP Name, Manufacturer, and Model Name of each device it finds. With this all-encompassing view, users can easily recognize and administer their devices.

NetX Network Tools PRO’s most appealing qualities are its ability to manage electronic gadgets remotely. Wake On LAN (WOL) allows users to remotely activate devices through a network connection, such as Wi-Fi or cellular data. The inclusion of Secure Shell (SSH) will enable users to power down or hibernate remote devices. If an SSH server is active, this function also shows the operating system version on the remote machine.

Analysis of Network Performance

The app’s built-in network analyzer provides valuable data on the operation of your network. Users may view details about their Wi-Fi setup, including their public IP address, signal strength, download and upload rates, subnet mask, gateway, and domain name server (DNS). Similarly, the mobile service provider details are easily accessible, such as the external IP, signal strength, download/upload speeds, CID, LAC, MCC, and MNC. The app’s Wi-Fi scanning function may locate neighboring networks and show their details, including SSID, signal strength, channel, and encryption type. Simple visual representations may also show Wi-Fi network capacity and channel overlap.

Complete Tracking of All Electronics

NetX Network Tools PRO helps with remote device monitoring and diagnosis. Remote devices’ performance may be monitored, including the CPU and RAM and free memory amount. Also, the software protects the network by alerting the user whenever a new, potentially dangerous device connects to it.

Tools for Flexible Networking

The app provides a selection of network utilities to cater to a wide range of user requirements. The ping utility allows users to test the link between hosts or networks. Using the port scanner, standard ports may be scanned. An IP calculator is also included in this app to figure out things like your network’s netmask, CIDR, IP address range, and host count. IP location features can also determine an IP address’s location. In addition to using DNS lookup to get domain and mail server IP addresses, users may also use MAC address lookup to locate vendor-specific information. With the smartphone’s traceroute feature, you can see where data packets are traveling to and from. The IPv6 protocol is supported for all four network diagnostic tools (Ping, Traceroute, Port Scan, and IP Calculator) in this software.

Modifiability and Ease

NetX Network Tools PRO has several configuration settings to cater to individual preferences. Users may customize their experience by selecting from several available themes and a language (Czech, German, Greek, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, and Chinese are just some available languages). The app’s user-friendly layout makes finding and using its various features simple. The software also supports tethering mode, so users may easily connect many devices to the same wireless network.

Data Backup and Speed Testing

The app streamlines the backup and restores processes, allowing consumers to keep their data locally. Users have easy access to data backup and restoration, protecting their most important data. In addition, a download/upload speed calculator is included in the program. Users can check their connection quality and make educated decisions to maximize speed by evaluating network performance.

Increased Network Safety and Consciousness

Security is a top priority for NetX Network Tools PRO. The program monitors network activity, immediately alerting users whenever a strange or unidentified device establishes a connection. Users can quickly identify attempted intrusions and take corrective measures to secure their network with the help of this function. The safety and security of a network depend on its users keeping tight reins on who may access it and how.

Friendly User Experience and Helpful Staff

The app’s interface is one of its most vital points, thanks to how it manages to be both straightforward and visually appealing. The app’s well-written, concise directions make learning and using its many features simple. The program also has built-in help features to guide users through the various tools. While navigating the app’s features and functions, users can access support and instruction.

MOD APK version of NetX Network Tools PRO

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NetX Network Tools PRO provides a comprehensive answer for monitoring, troubleshooting, and controlling a network. The application enables users to enhance network performance and guarantee a secure and efficient network environment through its capacity to discover and manage connected devices, remote device control features, network analysis capabilities, flexible network tools, customization options, and robust security measures. NetX Network Tools PRO is invaluable for those needing all-encompassing network management solutions since it can be used for anything from device monitoring and problem diagnosis to improving network security.

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