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Network Analyzer Pro MOD APK (PAID/Patched) 3.12

Network Analyzer Pro MOD APK – The ultimate tool for network analysis, wifi scanning and problem detection.

App NameNetwork Analyzer Pro
Publisher Jiri Techet
MOD InfoPAID/Patched
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About Network Analyzer Pro

Network Analyzer Pro is a potent tool for troubleshooting your wireless network, internet connection, and remote server connections. This application helps users troubleshoot network issues by providing in-depth insights and reliable information via its extensive range of capabilities. Network Analyzer Pro is a powerful suite of tools that allows users to quickly and easily do various tasks, including network speed testing, port scanning, DNS search, pinging, and tracing. This article delves into the app’s most essential features and functions, demonstrating the app’s advantages and usability.

Discovering Wifi Networks: Unveiling the Best Connection Options

The program makes locating your area’s best available wifi hotspot simple. Users can evaluate the quality of accessible networks thanks to the app’s straightforward UI, which provides graphical and textual representations of network channels and signal intensities. Other valuable characteristics like wifi network type (WEP, WPA, WPA2), encryption mechanism (AES, TKIP), BSSID (router MAC address), manufacturer information, and WPS capabilities are also included. In addition, Android 6 and later users have the unique ability to track their data transfer rates.

Effective Local Area Network Scanning: Precise Device Identification

Network Analyzer Pro’s LAN scanner is a quick and dependable tool for discovering all networked devices. Quickly determining the device’s manufacturer, IP address, and Media Access Control (MAC) address is only the beginning of what this tool can achieve for its customers. You can check IPv6 availability, find IPv6 addresses, use Wake on LAN (WOL) for remote wake-up procedures, and ping discovered devices inside the app. The adaptability and convenience of this functionality are further expanded by the option to scan a custom IP range and give each device a unique name.

Network Activity Analysis by Tracking Downloads

Similarly to the Unix netstat utility, Android 9 and earlier app versions provide network connection functionality. This feature allows users to monitor programs’ connections to the network. The app offers a wealth of information, including local and distant addresses, ports, connection statuses, external hostnames, and even the programs that make the connections possible. This feature’s compatibility with TCP/UDP and IPv4/IPv6 gives consumers a complete picture of what’s happening throughout their networks.

Analyzing Routing Tables to Learn About Network Connections

Understanding network pathways requires the capacity to analyze the routing table, which Network Analyzer Pro provides without any hiccups. Users may look at IPv4 and IPv6 destination and gateway data, interface use, and flags. This tool helps optimize network performance and fix routing issues by providing a comprehensive overview of routing setups.

Explicitly revealing network latency using ping and traceroute

Users may check network latency and learn more about individual nodes using the app’s ping and traceroute tools. IP addresses, hostnames, and geolocation information (latitude, longitude, nation, city, and time zone) are all displayed in each test. Users can access helpful network metadata, such as their Autonomous System (AS) numbers and names. The program allows users to switch between IPv4 and IPv6 protocols and provides a map-based view of the trace path.

Complete Port Scanning: Learning Which Network Services Are Up and Running

Network Analyzer Pro’s port scanner uses a quick and flexible algorithm to scan standard ports or a range of ports the user sets. It correctly identifies open, closed, and firewalled ports and describes traditional services accessible through open ports. Users can scan a predefined range of ports or pick from a commonly used port set. Users may test the availability and safety of their networks using either the IPv4 or IPv6 protocols, as both are supported.

Complete Domain Name System (DNS) and Internet Protocol Address Lookup

The Whois function in this app is relatively complete, allowing users to look up data such as domain names, IP addresses, and AS (Autonomous System) numbers. Users may look up crucial information about a domain or IP address, such as the owner, registration date, expiration date, and DNS servers. The program also allows you to perform DNS lookups, like nslookup or dig, and it supports several DNS record types, including A, AAAA, SOA, PTR, MX, CNAME, TXT, SPF, and SRV. Domain and DNS information may be gathered with the help of this all-inclusive collection of tools.

Evaluation of Download and Upload Rates over the Internet with Accuracy

Network Analyzer Pro provides a dependable tool for assessing internet speed that can evaluate both download and upload rates. The graphic speed test view depicts network performance graphically, letting users keep tabs on fluctuations. Moreover, customers get access to their speed test history, which allows them to monitor network performance changes and spot patterns.

Extensive Network Data: Bringing Network Layouts into Focus

Users may get information about their networks through the app, such as their default gateway, external IP addresses (in IPv4 and IPv6), DNS server information, and HTTP proxy settings. The software displays critical attributes of wireless networks, including SSID, BSSID, IP address, subnet mask, and signal strength. IP addresses, signal strength, network provider details, MCC (Mobile Country Code), and MNC (Mobile Network Code) are all available to users of cellular networks (3G, LTE). Users are better able to comprehend their network configurations and fix issues with the help of this detailed data.

Accessing Bonjour and UPNP/DLNA Services with Minimal Effort

With Network Analyzer Pro’s local service discovery functionality, users may quickly identify Bonjour services and UPnP/DLNA devices on their local network. This feature makes finding and using the many local services much more accessible, improving the user experience.

New and Improved Functions: a Powerful Networking Toolkit

The program has several useful features that improve the overall service. All program parts operate with IPv6, guaranteeing compatibility and a bright future for network diagnostics. The user may show All past activities, allowing them to select the ones they value most. The ability to export data via email and other methods streamlines collaboration and research. The ability to copy and paste between the application and other platforms or tools facilitates the easy movement of data. Thanks to the comprehensive documentation provided, users can access and use the app’s features confidently. A dedicated help website and frequent updates guarantee a trouble-free experience for all users.

MOD APK version of Network Analyzer Pro

MOD feature



Network Analyzer Pro is a complete and essential tool for users when diagnosing and fixing network-related difficulties. This application provides a comprehensive method of diagnosing networks by performing tasks such as analyzing wifi networks, scanning local area networks, monitoring network connections, inspecting routing tables, conducting ping and traceroute tests, checking ports, conducting Whois and DNS lookups, testing internet speeds, and discovering local services. Users can accurately diagnose network issues, enhance network speed, and prevent unauthorized access to the internet. Network Analyzer Pro stands out as a dependable and valuable partner when dealing with network configuration and troubleshooting complexity.

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