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  • Publisher: 2K Sport
  • Platforms: Android +
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 90M
  • Latest Version:
  • MOD Features: NO
  • Date Updated: April 27, 2019

NBA 2K is a popular sports game series of many years, which is popular in many countries around the world. The first version of the game was released in 1999 by Sega, under the Sega Sports brand and is currently published by 2K Sports. And so far, this sports game series has added one new version annually. Any new version released will automatically get the attention of the players. And this series was developed for various platforms like Console, PC, and mobile. And recently, the latest version of it has been released with the name NBA 2K Mobile Basketball.

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball 1

The new NBA 2K Mobile Basketball was released last November by 2K. This game is currently available on both the Google Play store and the AppStore for Android and iOS devices. Unexpectedly, this version of NBA 2K Mobile Basketball is released completely free of charge rather than quite expensive as the NBA 2K19 released not long ago. Let’s take a look at what this new version of NBA 2K Mobile Basketball’s new features compared to previous versions.

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball – The best basketball game ever

The gameplay of the game

In terms of gameplay, this NBA 2K Mobile Basketball version will continue to develop the gameplay of basketball management like the previously released NBA games. Joining the game, you will choose a basketball team and develop that team on a variety of factors. As a coach, you will take the team to conquer the top league, with the goal of developing into the world’s strongest basketball team. And you are the person who directly controls the players to play the basketball matches. Just like football games, basketball needs you to have a good tactic in order to win the other clubs.

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball 2

Team building

The construction of a basketball club is not a simple thing. You will have to develop the club in various aspects such as economics, tactics, quality players collection,… Generally, you will do all the duties of a real-life coach, but on the phone. You have to earn a lot of money through the proper players purchasing and conquer the major league. The earned money will be used to upgrade the basketball players and develop the team. When your team gets enough strength, you will take your players to the biggest league to conquer the championship.

NBA 2K Mobile Basketball 4

Trading players

In building a strong basketball team, it is important to buy players properly. You will have to watch the world’s top players, even potential young players to buy them. A strong team must gain a lot of elements in attacking and defending, so you have to properly choose the players’ position through the attack, defense, and technique of the player. NBA 2K Mobile Basketball will have most of the real-life basketball players for you to get through the cards. However, players with high stats are more expensive so you have more money to be able to recruit them.

How to play the game

As mentioned above, when you start a match, you will be the one who directly controls your players. From the rational movement, pass the ball and put the ball into the basket, … They all require clever skills from you. The rules of the game NBA 2K Mobile Basketball MOD Apk is built in accordance with the rules of basketball in real life, so players can easily get used to it. However, to win the other basketball clubs and advance to the championship, the player must have a reasonable strategy rather than simply control the players. The game’s controls are nothing new compared to previous versions, and will still be simple controls that are reasonably built into your phone’s screen.

Realistic 3D graphics

The NBA 2K game series has always been famous for its extremely realistic 3D graphics, providing a surreal gaming experience for gamers. And this latest version of NBA 2K Mobile Basketball is also equipped with extremely sharp and vibrant 3D graphics. Moreover, this is the latest version so it has improved the image quality better than the previous version, giving the smoothest feeling ever.

New features

  • The player system is diverse with over 400 players in real-life, including the famous old players
  • Control your players and play in your own style
  • Create the right tactics to beat other teams
  • Create a strong team, compete world-class to become the most powerful basketball team in the world
  • Multiplayer mode, freely experience
  • Daily Bonus from Checklist and log i

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Download NBA 2K Mobile Basketball MOD APK

Overall, NBA 2K Mobile Basketball is a great sports game, and it has been upgraded in both gameplay and graphics compared to its predecessors. Moreover, NBA 2K Mobile Basketball is free so it will quickly get the love of players around the world. Here you can download the original game or NBA 2K Mobile Basketball MOD Apk.

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