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Do you want to experience the feeling of being a fisherman? – This is great, you can catch and discover rare fishes. Or you can also explore the majestic ocean on your boat. All these great things are in the game Nautical Life 2.

About Nautical Life 2

Nautical Life 2 is an interesting simulation and role-playing game on Android smartphones. In this game, you will experience the feeling of becoming a fisherman. You will live on an island surrounded by a beautiful ocean. Here, you can catch and discover rare fish species. In addition, you can also board a boat and explore the interesting islands around. Finally, you can decorate and design your island yourself. Let’s discover with APKmazon about Nautical Life 2 in the article below.

_ Nautical Life 2 gameplay

How to play Nautical Life 2

The game Nautical Life 2 has a fairly simple gameplay and is easy to get used to. The first is movement and control. You can tap anywhere on the map to move your character. However, if you want to get into the water, you will need a boat. To steer the boat on the ocean, you just need to use the scroll keys displayed on the screen.

Next is the plot. You are a fisherman living on a small island. Also, you always carry with you the desire to conquer the ocean and search for rare fishes. You will have a companion – Nestor Lionel, who is also your grandfather. He will guide you through the basic steps of catching fish. Because he is a good fisherman. Nestor Lionel will also give you special missions. Try to complete them to receive valuable rewards.

And the most interesting part of the game is the fishing and fishing. You can drop bait anywhere along the beach. If there are fish that bite, you will participate in a mini-game to catch them. Specifically, you will have to measure the strength of that fish. Strength indicators will fluctuate in random intervals. If you can fish while your power stat is higher, you will win. In addition, you can upgrade your strength by upgrading your fishing rod or by upgrading your health.

Customize your island

In the game Nautical Life 2, you can decorate your island as you like. Specifically, you can use the money to buy decorations. Visit the Shop to see them. There are many items that you can buy here. The first is the interior of your home. Next, decorate your island by building more buildings. In addition, you can also decorate the interior of your boat.

However, to decorate an island like that, you will need to spend a lot of money. So make sure you always work hard, that’s the way to make a lot of money.

Design your own character

Nautical Life 2 will let players design their characters. Because that is your embodiment in the game.

First, you can choose the gender of the character. Then you can name your character as you like. Finally, choose the outfit, the game will offer a few outfits for you to choose from. However, you can still buy different outfits from the store. Make your decisions carefully, because you won’t be able to do these steps unless you start over.

Sail and explore new islands

You can also discover new islands in Nautical Life 2. However, to do this, you will need to reach a certain level. All you need to start exploring is a boat. It can be a simple boat, a luxury yacht, or a speedboat. This will depend on your financial situation.

Sailing the boat will be different from the usual way of moving the character. Specifically, when you get on the boat, you only need to adjust the direction of movement from the virtual analog displayed on the screen. Thanks to that, the boat will take you anywhere. In addition, you can click on the item “ to temporarily anchor at the place you stopped.

_ Nautical Life 2 features

Collect several resources

Nautical Life 2 has a lot of different resources waiting for you to explore.

First of all, the most basic and easy to find resources are wood and stone. You can collect them by cutting down trees or digging for rock ore. In addition, you can collect fruits, they appear randomly on the trees. Stone and wood can be used to create fire. As for fruits, you can eat them for energy. In addition, you can also sell these resources for additional income.

Next, we have to mention the infinite resources in this game – that is the fish in the ocean. In Nautical Life 2, there are countless different species of fish that you can discover. To catch fish is quite simple, first, you just need to equip a fishing rod with you. After that, go near the shore to release the bait. As a result, the fish will be attracted you can start catching them.

In addition, you can explore many other valuable resources such as gold, silver, oil, etc.

100 fishes with different rarities

Did you know that, in the game Nautical Life 2, there are more than 100 different species of fish? – Yes, this will bring you a lot of interesting experiences. They are classified according to Bronze – Silver – Gold levels. The higher the rank of fish, the rarer and more valuable it is. However, rare fish species will be much stronger than common fish species. And you will also have a harder time catching these fish.

In addition, you can also exploit other seafood in the ocean such as shrimp, squid, snails… After you successfully catch these fishes, they will be in your Inventory. Here, you can decide to keep them for food or sell them for money.

Try to catch a lot of fish because this is an effective way for you to earn extra income. The revenue from selling fish is very high, and you will quickly become a rich fisherman.

Inhabitants with their own story

In Nautical Life 2, many different characters are living in your world. Of course, they’re just NPCs (Non-player characters). However, these NPCs are built with countless different lives and stories. You can get up close and personal with them. They will share with you their lives and missions.

MOD APK of Nautical Life 2

Nautical Life 2 is currently still in beta. However, you can still experience the exciting features that the game brings early. APKmazon always updates new versions of Nautical Life 2 for everyone. You can download it for free from our website, as always.

MOD Info:

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In my opinion, Nautical Life 2 is a very fun and engaging game. You will be playing the role of a talented fisherman. In addition, you can also discover the rare creatures under the ocean by yourself. What’s more, if you’re adventurous, hop on a boat and explore the life around you. You can find a lot of interesting things in this game. Please click on the link below to download Nautical Life MOD APK completely for free at APKmazon.

Download Nautical Life 2 MOD APK (Ad-free/ Unlimited Money) 1.90

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