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Naraka: Bladepoint Mobile is a good choice if you are bored with classic Battle Royale survival games like PUBG, Fortnite, and Apex Legends.



The explosion of Battle Royale games brought PUBG to the top of the world video game industry in late 2017.

Since then, many other products inspired by it have been published and also quickly achieved success such as Fortnite, APEX LEGENDS, and Garena Free Fire. Even so, Battle Royale games gradually become boring because there is no breakthrough in gameplay. Until RAKA: BLADEPOINT is officially released in August 2021 on the Windows platform. The game has changed the way we usually see a Battle Royale game when flexibly mixing many different elements to create unique gameplay.

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT is developed by 24 Entertainment and published by NetEase on Steam. Recently, the mobile version of this game has also been officially confirmed by the development team. Now you can enjoy the exciting battles of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT right on your Android smartphone with similar graphics quality and original gameplay.

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Royale Battle gameplay

The gameplay of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Mobile retains the core elements of the PC version. It is inspired by traditional Battle Royale games. However, the developer has made many improvements.

The rules in the game are quite simple and clear. Instead of having 100 players like the traditional Battle Royale, each match in NARAKA consists of 60 people. The map of the game is a 4x4km area with many different types of terrain. You will be able to choose a summon point anywhere on the map to start the match. Your only mission is to defeat other players and become the last survivor. After a certain amount of time, a red circle will appear on the map to narrow the survival area.

The combat mechanism and control system have created completely different gameplay of NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Mobile gameplay from other Batlle Royale games. It’s a lot more complicated and interesting. Let’s talk about the control system in the game. Besides the basic movement including navigating, jumping, double jumping, sitting, and sliding, there is another unique movement mechanism that allows you to quickly glide through the air. It helps you move faster to places on the map. Proper movement in battles is the way to win because it is the key to creating combos and increasing weapon damage. If you’re at a disadvantage, don’t forget you can quickly hide.

The combat mechanism is the best point of this game. You will use weapons to attack the opponent by combining the move buttons to create combos. It’s like hack&slashes games. To synthesize all the special skills in the game, the publisher has created a function called “Narakapedia”. It is a place for you to learn combat skills in practice matches. Each weapon will have different move sets and countermeasures. Even so, they all follow the same general rules. The skills have 4 different levels, including white, blue, red, and yellow. Yellow is the highest level where it cannot be countered.

Whether you prefer face-to-face combat or hiding and attacking stealthily, your only goal is to be the last man standing on the map.

NARAKA- BLADEPOINT Mobile gameplay

Game Modes

Naraka: Bladepoint Mobile retains the same game modes as on the PC version. It has two different game modes, including Single and Squad. Each game mode has its own interesting points, but the goal of survival is unchanged.

  • Single:  You will face 59 other players on the map. All are enemies. When meeting an opponent, you have the choice to fight or flee. The only goal is to be the last survivor.
  • Squad: Squad: You join a team with 3 other random players. This game mode requires good cooperation between members of the squad. A team wins when at least one player remains alive. You can invite friends to play in this mode.

Naraka: Bladepoint also introduces a new mechanic that allows the player to respawn after being defeated. When you are killed by an opponent, you can be revived by your teammates or return to the map at a respawn point. However, you will lose all collected equipment after respawning.


NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Mobile has 7 characters including 3 males and 4 females. Each character represents a faction in the game, characterized by power stats, specialized weapons, and special skills. It’s like a role-playing game where you can freely customize the appearance of the characters with tons of options. The developer even allows you to use real photos of the player as a prototype, then the system automatically recognizes and builds the character.

Weapon system

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Mobile has a total of 7 ranged weapons and 6 melee weapons. Ranged weapons are an effective way to attack opponents without direct combat, but they usually don’t deal much damage. Head-to-head battles with close-range weapons are the favorites of most players. Especially when close-range weapons can create unique combos and deal great damage. The damage dealt to the opponent depends on the difficulty of the attack skills.

The melee weapons in the game are all taken from the medieval period, such as swords, swords, short swords, and spears. Meanwhile, long-range weapons include crossbows, bows, cannons, and rifles. NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Mobile is a close combat game so the ranged weapons are very simple to use and they are not really useful.

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Good equipment is the key to victory

The equipment in the game is divided by levels. They are classified by color including white, blue, purple, and yellow. Yellow equipment is the best. Players can use different equipment to enhance the character’s strength and gain an advantage in battle. Equipment groups include armor, weapons, runes, and consumables.

Instead of using gun accessories like PUBG, NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Mobile introduces a gem system that can increase the power of weapons. On each type of equipment, there are slots for gem equipment. You can collect gems and then attach them to weapons to increase their power or increase special effects.

Consumable items will include health, armor, and weapon recovery (equivalent to bullets when shooting). It is similar to role-playing games. After battles with other players, your health, armor, and weapons have been consumed. More or less you still have to use these items to recover them.

All players start with basic gear to ensure balance. Therefore, the equipment collected on the map is the key to victory. Besides the attack skills, you need suitable equipment to deal maximum damage to the opponent.


NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Mobile has a game map divided into different areas. Each region has its own characteristics for a culture. Currently, places that have been marked on the map include:

  • Shadowjade Mine
  • Wreckage Plains
  • Celestra
  • Stilltide Temple
  • Sunwing’s Rest

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Mobile introduces a new function that allows you to easily overcome obstacles called the grappling hook. It can grab the highlights of the terrain to pull the player into the air. Therefore, the movement in the game becomes more flexible.

airdrops and vehicles

airdrop is a feature of Battle Royale games, so this function is also available in NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Mobile. It is a chest containing equipment that is dropped at a random point on the map. This is where you will find useful equipment or the best weapons. Even so, it is definitely being noticed by other players as well.

Currently, NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Mobile does not have vehicles to move quickly. It is easy to understand because the map area in the game is quite small.

How to download NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Mobile

NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Mobile is not currently available on app markets. The game is expected to be released at the end of 2022. You can pre-register now to get a chance to experience the beta version of the game early. Besides, you can also get special in-game rewards from the developer. Here are the instructions for NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Mobile pre-registration:

Step 1: Visit the game homepage here:

Bước 2: Press Subscribe

Step 3: Enter your email in the form, select the operating system you are using then click Submit.

NARAKA BLADEPOINT Mobile pre-registration-step-2

All done!


NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Mobile is definitely a great choice for those who are fans of the Battle Royale series, which is boring and old. Besides the unique gameplay, the game offers excellent graphics quality to provide the best playing experience. Currently, NARAKA: BLADEPOINT Mobile is not officially released yet, we will update the game installation file as soon as it becomes available.


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