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My PlayHome : Play Home Doll House MOD APK (Paid)

App NameMy PlayHome : Play Home Doll House
Publisher Shimon Young : Play Home Software
Require4.2 and up
MOD InfoPaid
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My PlayHome is a simulation game for children, where children can interact and play with everything in the house, experiencing many exciting activities at will. The game creates an educational environment through game activities for children, thereby helping them acquire good habits and skills for life.

About My PlayHome

My PlayHome: Play Home Doll House is an innovative product from Shimon Young: Play Home Software. This game not only helps your child can both entertain and learn new things. If in doubt, you can download and try it out first and then decide to install it on your child’s tablet to play at home!

Currently, My Playhome is being appreciated by many parents and has a lot of downloads. How about you? If you are too bored to answer thousands of why questions from your child every day, let the game My Playhome help you!

Pretend to Play Gameplay

My PlayHome has straightforward gameplay and is suitable for ages 12 and under with the purpose created for children. Your child will discover exciting experiences in the dollhouse by pretending to play gameplay when playing this game.

Players will create their own family in an attractive house, and the members will interact with each other. The virtual dollhouse will have lots of rooms and objects for you to play with. Just like when your child plays with real-life dolls, you will also create pretend context of your own language from pre-existing characters and experience different scenarios in the game.

This great mobile game will help you teach your kids family issues and guide them to act in different in-game situations. There are no limits, no requirements, no quests because the game is entirely free for gamers to play on their own terms.

Explore all the Surrounding Rooms of the House

In My PlayHome Play Home Doll House, players will also have the right to explore the complete house, along with various rooms. So what will be in your dream dollhouse? First, it will have all the essential rooms like a typical house, not like a bedroom for the children and their parents.

You can also set up the different scenes of them playing board games, reading bedtime stories before bed, and of course, enjoying the satisfying sleep.

In particular, you can also comfortably enjoy food in the kitchen. Feel free to make use of available ingredients to be able to create delicious dishes for your family. When it’s sunny, you can also enjoy the fun with other family members in the backyard. And the excellent living room will be the place where you and your family gather together.

Interesting Family Characters

For those interested, you can also own the game’s complete character collection. So feel free to join the fantastic pretend play experience and enjoy the exciting interactions between family members.

Like a real family, with parents, brothers, sisters, and babies, the game will help players develop relationships that create appropriate interactions for children.

Many Interesting Situations

When playing My PlayHome, your child will experience many cute situations and guide your child to handle the situation appropriately. For example, when the doll’s family just got home, it suddenly started to rain heavily. 

At this point, the child will have to touch each person one by one, so they take turns getting out of the car and entering the house. After that, each person will be helped by grandparents’ dolls to dry their bodies, so they don’t catch a cold, then the whole family will sit on the sofa and talk together.

Not only will children be taught how to handle simple situations, but children will also be observed how family members express their loving feelings towards each other. This is the factor that makes the game so trusted by many parents.

Decorating the Dollhouse

The game will provide an inventory of accessories and available equipment so that children can decorate and edit designs for rooms in the house. It is even possible to want to open a new space.

Besides, the dolls in the house also need to be changed, so guide your child to know how to choose clothes, clothes, and beautiful accessories for dolls. This work will help children develop their creativity, or maybe you will find their passion and aptitude through this game.

Visual and sound quality

The game is designed with beautiful, soft hand-drawn images that will interest children of all ages. In particular, the eye-catching colors in the game are subtly integrated, contributing to the game’s excellence. This you can verify for yourself by experiencing it yourself to witness the vivid, fresh, and exquisite colors in this game.

Along with beautiful graphics are significant sound effects. In this game, you will enjoy the unique sound of each different room. This lively, upbeat music is sure to be loved by your kids.

MOD APK of My PlayHome : Play Home Doll House

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