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My Mini Mart MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.18.41

App NameMy Mini Mart
Publisher Supersonic Studios LTD
Require6.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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My Mini Mart MOD APK is an exciting business management simulation game on smartphones. Here, you will experience everything it takes to run a retail store. And finally, you can open many new mini-marts and grow them into an empire.

About My Mini Mart

My Mini Mart is a game developed by Supersonic Studios LTD. It is a game that simulates the business of a mini-mart. Through this game, you will experience the management and operation of a business. On the other hand, this is also a game with simple gameplay and is suitable for relaxation. My Mini Mart has nearly 100 million downloads from Google Play globally. Let’s discover more about this game with APKmazon in the article below.


My Mini Mart is a game describing a store operation and business. Specifically, you will experience all stages, from input material production to sales and revenue management. Gradually, you can grow and expand your store, welcome more customers and become a reputable supermarket.

You will start with a bit of capital, a shop, and a small garden. Here, you will begin setting up your store. At the same time, you will have a distinct character to control. You can touch anywhere on the screen to control the character. 

The process of the game is quite simple. First of all, you will produce and collect goods. Then, you can sell them to customers. Finally, you will earn money and use them to expand the store.

Become the boss of mini-marts

In the game My Mini Mart, you will experience becoming the owner of a small supermarket. Your job is raising livestock and growing crops to produce vegetables, eggs, milk, etc. You can then display them in your store for a profit. And finally, expand and develop your store.

Work hard

The secret to success in My Mini Mart is working hard. While you can hire staff to assist you, that won’t be enough. Your customers always want to be served quickly. Therefore, you will always have to be ready to work.

Store expansion

As the business situation develops, the sale will have more revenue. From there, you can expand your Mini Mart.

The first is to expand the area inside the store. This action will usually cost you a lot of money. But when you look at it when turning a small shop into a big supermarket, you will surely be delighted. At the same time, a big store will allow you to host many customers and grow your business. Not only expand the area inside, but you can also expand the area outside the Mini Mart. Specifically, here in the area for raising livestock and growing fruit trees.

Next is the expansion of the counters and sales shelves. More specifically, when your store has a lot of space, you can open more shelves to display new products. From there, you can sell more goods.

Employee manager

Growing and expanding your store means you’ll be busier than ever. So you will need help. One of the most effective ways is to hire more employees to work in the store. They will help you run your store efficiently. They will do the same manufacturing and distribution tasks as you. In addition, you can also hire a cashier to manage the payment work in My Mini Mart.

Besides, you can train employees to increase their work productivity. The training will cost you cash. In return, the employees will increase their working speed or ability to carry items.

Open new stores

Once you’ve expanded and built up all the facilities in your current store, you can move to a new store. Here, you will start building a new mini-mart from scratch. Besides, your old mini-marts will continue to operate and give you passive income.

Facilities upgrade

The number of customers coming to your mini-mart is increasing day by day. Therefore, you must ensure that your store’s productivity meets your customers’ needs. One solution you can take is upgrading the tools in the shop, specifically the processing machines.

In My Mini Mart, upgraded processing machines will speed up production significantly. So you can refill your shelves faster. At the same time, the storage capacity of the processing machine is also improved. Of course, you will have to use a lot of cash to upgrade equipment.

Phone order

Phone order is a particular order that you need to fulfill. To make it easier to understand, those customers want to have goods delivered to their place. However, you do not need to drive to ship the goods to them. Your job is to prepare the number of goods according to the available list.

Phone orders will bring you a lot of cash. However, these orders will have a specific time limit. The faster you complete them, the better your chances of earning money. On the contrary, if the time runs out and you still can’t finish it, you won’t get anything. Fulfilling Phone orders and earning lots of money is my favorite job in My Mini Mart MOD APK.

Beware of bad guys

In My Mini Mart MOD APK, you will encounter unexpected situations when operating the store.

The first is when customers wait too long to shop, they get frustrated. Therefore, they will often leave and give bad reviews about the store. As a result, the store’s reputation will suffer. As a result, customers will be less likely to come to your store. To avoid this, consistently deliver the products your customers need as quickly as possible.

Another problem is that you will encounter thieves. They often disguise themselves as shoppers to blend into the crowd. Then when you are not paying attention, they will steal your money. At this point, you will need to chase and catch these thieves quickly. If they successfully get out of the main door, you will not be able to get your lost money back.

MOD APK of My Mini Mart

My Mini Mart is a perfect game to entertain every spare time. Now, you can download My Mini Mart MOD APK entirely for free at our blog.

As you know, My Mini Mart offers players packs in the Marketplace. These are packs that give you unique benefits. However, they are items that you will have to use real money to pay for. But these packs are unlocked with My Mini Mart MOD APK at APKmazon.

You can buy packs and offers at Marketplace without paying any cash.

MOD Info

  • Packs Unlocked
  • Unlimited Money
  • Free download on


My Mini Mart is a game that allows you to experience a retail store’s operation and business management. Thereby, you will learn a lot of valuable lessons. On the other hand, the game also has a pretty simple gameplay but is no less attractive. At the same time, the operations are also easy to get used to and smooth. This will be a perfect game for relaxation and entertainment. Please click on the link below to download and install the MOD APK of My Mini Mart for free.

Download My Mini Mart MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 1.18.41

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