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My Little Universe MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2.8.0

App NameMy Little Universe
Publisher SayGames Ltd
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MOD InfoUnlimited Money
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In my spare time, I often play games for fun. As a guy who loves to explore and experience new things, I often search for games by this theme on Google Play. And so I found My Little Universe, a great game with beautiful 3D graphics to play in my spare time.

About My Little Universe

SayGames Ltd develops my Little Universe. This game has simple and easy gameplay and many exciting things to explore. In just a short period, it has achieved more than 1 million downloads on GooglePlay. My Little Universe is an extremely attractive action, exploration, and construction game on smartphones. Let’s learn more about this game with APKmazon in the article below!

My Little Universe mod apk download

How to play

In My Little Universe, you are a character living on a planet on the verge of running out of resources. So, to continue to exist, you will have to find another planet to live on. You will travel to new planets to explore. But this new planet is completely primitive. To ensure your quality of life, you will have to work hard to develop the planet. Start by exploiting available resources.

You can touch anywhere on the screen to move the character. Your character is an orange humanoid. Get close to the resources on the planet to mine them automatically. The backpack icon in the bottom corner of the screen will tell you how many resources you currently have.

Each piece of land will have a white square in the corner. Once you get there, it will tell you the number of resources needed to build/explore more new continents on the planet.

The secret to being good at this game is to work hard. You have to work hard to collect as many resources on the planet as possible. Thanks to that, you can discover new lands and build buildings.

My Little Universe gameplay

Build a prosperous planet

To start building your planet, first, expand and explore it.

You will land on a small piece of land on the planet and surround it with water. Of course, you need a large area of land to build buildings. Therefore, you will have to stock up on the necessary resources for discovering new lands. Depending on the terrain and building, you will need different materials to build them. 

Each piece of land will have a white square in the corner. Once you get there, it will tell you the number of resources needed to build/explore more new continents.

Let’s start working hard to build a prosperous planet. The most satisfying thing in this game is seeing your achievements!

Make the right use of resources

The resources on the planets are limitless. But after each mining, you will have to wait a while for them to recover. There are many different types of resources such as wood, iron, gold, gems, etc. They will be used to build many other buildings.

Some resources will not be able to be extracted from nature, but you can only create them by exchanging other available resources. For example, five pieces of wood will exchange for one gold bar, five pieces of minerals will exchange for one piece of iron.

Mine resources hardly to quickly build buildings and grow your planet!

Upgrade tools to increase productivity

You can see signposts on the ground. It will help you find places where you can upgrade resources or tools. Prioritize construction of buildings in that direction.

Resource upgrade locations are where you can exchange for rare resources like gold and metals. You can redeem them directly according to the redemption milestones or sell them for gold. You can also craft new tools such as swords, axes, hammers, etc., at upgraded locations. These tools will be handy in cases of need. Make these tools a priority first, then upgrade them one by one.

Upgrading tools will increase their power and effectiveness. You will be able to mine at a faster rate. In addition, you can also earn more resources in mining.

My Little Universe features

Create your own world

My Little Universe is where you can build a world like a mighty being.

Once you’ve explored all the continents on the planet, it’s time to build your own society. The first is to build metal fabrication workshops, smelting chemicals. Then there are the modern and prosperous cities.

A perfect world would be full of resources for everyone. You can build workshops and mine resources. Here, you can craft more labor tools or upgrade them. The pop-up guide will tell you the conditions for crafting/upgrading the tool. Usually, these will require quite a few types of resources.

Protect your planet

In the process of building your planet, you will face a lot of enemies. They are monsters that want to take over your resources. You will have to chase them away to be able to continue mining resources. Some monsters will attack your buildings directly. At this point, you will both have to fight to protect your achievements while continuing to expand the territory into developing.

Your health bar will show up just above the character. Always remember to pay attention to it when fighting the enemy. If the health bar is depleted, you will die and have to return to the starting point. The health bar will automatically regenerate if you stand still for a few seconds. Prepare well before fighting the enemy!

Do not be foolish to swim in the ocean for too long; sharks will appear and attack you. You will not be able to fight back or defend yourself while in the water.

Conquer many different Universe

In My Little Universe, there are ten different planets for you to conquer. These planets will be completely other in terrain and resources. You will experience many new environments. Even the monsters on those planets are different. They can be much bigger and stronger. But in general, it will bring new feelings and exciting challenges for you.

Graphics and sound

My Little Universe has an extremely beautiful and sophisticated 3D graphic design. In my opinion, the graphic design of this game is quite nice. It has an interesting cartoon style. 3D graphics are indispensable when simulating a planet.

The sound of My Little Universe brings a feeling of relaxation and chill. The game has background music with melodious tunes. The auxiliary sounds such as digging ore, cutting trees… are also gentle and smooth.

MOD APK of My Little Universe

Resources are the most important thing in My Little Universe. It will govern all your land exploration, construction, upgrading, and equipment production. However, sometimes these resources are quite limited. So APKmazon brings you the MOD APK version of My Little Universe Unlimited Resources. This version promises to help you discover more exciting things in My Little Universe.

MOD Info:

  • Unlimited Resources
  • Unlimited Money
  • Free download on


My Little Universe is the perfect game to entertain you. With simple and easy gameplay, beautiful 3D graphics, you will have a great experience. My Little Universe MOD APK Unlimited Resources download link is right below. What are you waiting for without downloading it right away for your smartphone?

Download My Little Universe MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2.8.0

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