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My High School Days Memories – Role-playing game for you to repeat high school

The past in school is a happy and unforgettable time for everyone. Surely no one can forget the high school years, when everyone has beautiful moments, unforgettable memories. So many people want to go back to that high school so they can experience those wonderful moments again, but that is not possible. But we have a way to help you feel the good things while you are in high school, it’s coming to the game My High School Days Memories.

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My High School Days Memories is an immersive genre entertainment game, giving you the role of a high school student and starting your “re-learning” journey. You can create new relationships, new stories, student relationships with characters in the game. My High School Days Memories, released on March 14, is now available on the AppStore for iOS devices, the Android version was released a few days later. Come back with My High School Days Memories with the beautiful years of high school.

Return to recollections with interesting stories

Participating in the My High School Days Memories APK game, you will choose a male or female character to begin your adventure journey. Your new life begins in high school, this is the last course of the student period to prepare you for your maturity journey. It seems that this is a boring time, but when you pass, you feel regret, that it is your best time. It is really a memorable adventure that the future is dedicated to each person.

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Just like in real life, you will begin your journey of learning and playing in school. You can comfortably go from class to class and meet new friends on the go. Talk to them and get to know each other to prepare for the best summer of your life. Give yourself a good relationship, be it good friends, or be a beautiful love student.

The game will open different events for you to join your friends, such as summer festivals with lots of exciting activities. At the festival, you will be participating in many different activities, and also an opportunity to interact with new friends. Most importantly, you can find a heterosexual friend to date at this festival. Choose your own future and write your best memories in this top game in America.

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Main features

  • Back to high school with beautiful memories
  • Beautify your character with the costumes, you have to
    Unlock the outfit if you want it
  • Many different game modes, you also need to unlock them to experience them
  • Funny characters bring laughter every day
  • Create beautiful love for your youth
  • Play the game for free
  • 3D images, reconstructing life in high school in the most honest way
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Download My High School Days Memories APK

With My High School Days Memories, you can bring back the memories of your student days, or you can fulfill the dreams of your student life that you have not yet done. My High School Days Memories is now ready to download, just select the game download link from the link below to experience it.

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