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Murder by Choice: Clue Mystery MOD APK (Unlimited Hints) 2.3.3

Murder by Choice: Clue Mystery MOD APK – Solve a murder mystery! Journey through a hidden-object adventure!

App NameMurder by Choice: Clue Mystery
Publisher Nordcurrent Games
MOD InfoUnlimited Hints
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About Murder by Choice: Clue Mystery

With the exciting game “Murder by Choice: Clue Mystery,” you can play a murder mystery as you’ve never played one before. Step into the present and go on an exciting adventure through a strange tropical island full of hidden things, secrets, and a horrible crime that needs to be solved. Test your detective skills as you look for hints, collect proof, and try to figure out who the bad guy is.

An exciting adventure happens

The adventure starts when Carla Page, a young and ambitious journalist, gets a surprise call from millionaire Ruben Navarro to his exclusive yearly party on a remote tropical island. Carla goes to the island, full of joy and interest, only to find herself in the middle of the worst storm of the year. But when a strange murder happens soon after she arrives, bad weather is the least of her problems. Carla doesn’t give up, so she puts on her detective hat and dives into the crime, but every clue she finds only leads to more questions. She doesn’t know that the island has secrets that are much more dangerous than just murder.

Let out your inner sleuth

You are in charge of your life in Murder by Choice: Clue Mystery because the story changes based on your choices. Use your detective skills and look at crime scenes to find secrets and essential clues. Immerse yourself in beautiful locations and hunt for personal items to help you get closer to the truth. You can test your intelligence and problem-solving skills with this game’s unique minigames and tasks. As you explore more of the island, you’ll find its stunning beauty and unique art style that adds to the feeling of being there.

Tell me everything

Get ready for a hidden object adventure with a murder story. Immerse yourself in the hunt for the killer who hides in the dark and is hard to catch. Join a trip with many turns and twists, where the truth hides around every corner. Don’t let the murderer get away from you. Find out every secret and put the pieces of the game together to find the killer.

There are new quests and exciting stories

Murder by Choice: Clue Mystery gives you a variety of exciting quests that ask you to figure out what happened to people who died in mysterious ways. As you go deeper into each story, you can be a determined detective and find useful things. Your hard work will pay off with valuable treasures and a better name.

Find clues that are hidden and solve mysteries

Your job is to sneak into events and discover what’s happening behind the scenes while the media focuses on the high-profile murder. Use your unique skills in a wide-open setting, making the game more natural. The most important part of the game is how hard you look for hints that will help you piece together the story and find out what happened.

Help and Benefits

On your journey, you’ll face complex problems and complicated situations. Don’t worry; you can ask your friends for help to overcome these problems and find new ideas. Specialized tips will be available to help you when you run into issues that are especially hard to solve.

Show what’s real

As you finish jobs and learn more, the game will give you more hints and help you through situations you didn’t expect. You can know more and get closer to the truth by putting together different events and directions. This vital information will speed up your work and make it easier to move through the complicated web of the investigation.

From the Crime Scene to the Face-Off

With much knowledge, you must rebuild the crime scene and put yourself in the killer’s shoes. You can recreate the killer’s actions in various exercises, ensuring each is done quickly and correctly. Through careful study and attention to detail, you can unlock several upgrades, such as video clips showing who the mysterious murderer is. Murder by Choice: Clue Mystery will end with an ending that ties up all the loose ends, leaving you happy with how this exciting story turned out.

The Ultimate Showdown

Now that you have all the information you need, you know who committed the terrible crime. It’s time to find the murderer and put them in jail. Make an exciting movie to get the killer to come forward independently and seize the chance at the right time. Your goal is clear: find the killer and get back at them for what they did. Along the way, you’ll have the chance to show off your detective skills and become a well-known private eye, earning the trust and respect of those around you.

Payoffs and New Goals

As a prize for discovering the truth, you are given a large sum of money that can be used in many ways. Take on new responsibilities and prove to others that they can trust your skills. Use the different chances you have to improve your skills and participate in training programs that will help you get better at your job. Murder by Choice: Clue Mystery gives you many ways to learn about yourself and show yourself so that you can make your path in exciting and unique ways.

MOD APK version of Murder by Choice: Clue Mystery

MOD feature

  • Infinite hints (they are not spent on use).


Get lost in the exciting world of Murder by Choice: Clue Mystery and go on a journey full of drama, mystery, and the search for justice. Use your detective skills to look around the beautiful tropical island and find the secrets that are hidden there. Every choice changes the story and pulls you deeper into a web of mysteries. Find hidden hints, solve tricky tasks, and go after the murderer with a strong will.

Download Murder by Choice: Clue Mystery MOD APK (Unlimited Hints) 2.3.3

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