Download Mr. Bean - Risky Ropes APK MOD- Artist Mr Bean returns

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Mr Bean Risky Ropes 1

App Details

  • Publisher: Good Catch
  • Platforms: Android 4.1+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 42MB
  • Latest Version: 1.1.0
  • Date Updated: May 16, 2018

If you’re a comedian, you’ll probably know Mr. Bean, the most famous comedian in the world. Although this comedian is no longer involved in any television shows or movies, people still remember him for his unforgettable roles. Today ApkMod will bring you a game featuring the famous Mr. Bean character, this game is Mr. Bean – Risky Ropes.

Mr Bean Risky Ropes 1

Mr. Bean – Risky Ropes, released on May 11th, supports both Android and iOS for totally free. Accordingly, Mr. Bean – Risky Ropes will be a quite simple adventure game which is very fun with the gameplay that does not require the so much calculation of the player. This game was released by Good Catch, the publisher who brought back Mr. Bean through two games, Mr. Bean – Sandwich Stack and Mr. Bean – Around the World. Mr. Bean – Risky Ropes is expected to be a great game in the future.

Mr Bean – Risky Ropes: Artist Mr Bean returns on mobile games

The game content

Mr. Bean – Risky Ropes has used the world’s most famous comedian for many years to develop the content. The content of this game is about the stupid Mr. Bean who is climbing on dangerous cliffs with many threats without knowing how to escape. So he needs help to make him escape these dangerous cliffs. And you are the driver of Mr Bean overcoming challenges to reach a safe place.

Mr Bean Risky Ropes 2

The gameplay is quite simple

As stated, the player’s task will be to control the protagonist Mr. Bean overcoming the challenges to escape the dangerous cliffs. The character will have to move vertically from the cliff to the ground, there will be many obstacles on the cliff and you have to be skillful to avoid them otherwise Mr. Bean will fall down the mountain. In addition to jumping over the rocks, trapping, you also have to dodge animals such as mountain goats, bees, …

Mr Bean Risky Ropes 3

The game will split into multiple levels with different difficulty levels for you to experience. With each level, you will be able to go to different locations such as cliffs on land or cliffs under the sea, and each place will have different dangers and animals. During the experience, you will have to collect coins to buy Mr. Bean new outfits, unlocking the new experience area. Control manipulation in the game is quite simple, you only need to play once is able to get used to it.

Mr Bean Risky Ropes 4

Main features

  • Free game with the participation of the famous comedian Mr. Bean
  • Simple control by simply touching the screen
  • Adventure in 4 areas with different challenges
  • Collect up to 16 outfits for Mr. Bean’s humorous guy
  • Along with animals such as goats, birds, bees, octopuses participate in adventures

Download Mr. Bean – Risky Ropes MOD APK

Mr. Bean – Risky Ropes is also equipped with a 2.5D graphics platform, which is quite sharp and animated, giving you the feeling that you are watching an animated film of Mr. Bean. Overall game Mr Bean – Risky Ropes is very simple game that is amazing fun, certainly will not disappoint you. You can download the game to your device via the link below to experience it.

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