MP4Fix Video Repair Tool
MP4Fix Video Repair Tool

MP4Fix Video Repair Tool MOD APK (Pro Unlocked) 2.5.5

Repair videos broken by camera crash, dead battery or lack of memory.

App NameMP4Fix Video Repair Tool
Publisher Smamolot
MOD InfoPro Unlocked
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About MP4Fix Video Repair Tool

Have you ever encountered a movie you could not play on your mobile device because the file was corrupted? When you lose priceless moments that you’ve captured on your phone, it may be frustrating. MP4Fix Video Repair Tool is the program’s name that may quickly repair these broken videos. Thankfully, this program exists. In this piece, we’ll go over the many functions MP4Fix offers and how it may assist you in repairing damaged video files.

Simple and Rapid Repair with Only Three Clicks

The MP4Fix program can fix corrupted video files on Android devices with just a few mouse clicks. It is a simple process that can be completed quickly, and once your files have been fixed, you will have unlimited access to view them for free. You can play back your movie as soon as you have installed the app and completed the required steps.

Premium Functionality with Unrestricted Access to Repairs

With MP4Fix, you can break movies at no cost; however, you also have the option to purchase Premium Features, which provide allow you an unlimited number of corrupted files. With this function, all of the films you record on your phone in the future are safeguarded, and you may send the corrected versions of those recordings to your loved ones and friends. A one-time investment of this little amount may be between you and the irreplaceable loss of your cherished memories.

Compatible with recordings made with mobile phone cameras as well as broken MP4 files

The recordings made by phone cameras and MP4 files may be repaired by MP4Fix even if the camera has crashed, the battery has died, or there is insufficient memory. Nevertheless, it is incompatible with videos downloaded online or faulty hardware. Before launching it, you should get a new SD card if it is damaged.

Compatible with Almost Every Video Format Across the Board

The app is compatible with various video formats, making it simple for users to begin mending their videos without resorting to laborious procedures. Users can also export or import videos into any form for further editing because of this high level of interoperability. Users can modify the mechanism, opening up new opportunities for operability.

Restore Damaged Videos in an Easy Manner

The program’s primary purpose is to restore all films exhibiting telltale symptoms of being corrupted due to numerous external events such as malfunctioning cameras, running out of battery, etc. Repairing files is pretty straightforward: just restoring the draft files and modifying a few processes to transform the file into a standard MP4 format. Users can also look for all of the data that were stopped by external causes deep into the memory and begin the recovery process.

Improve the Quality of Your Videos with These Easy Steps

The built-in AIs of this app automatically repair every movie at the quickest possible, and it has a wide variety of customization options so that users may modify the format of their videos. In addition, they can also improve the standard visual quality of the movie to provide a new environment for the videos. The upscaling happens on its own, providing the player with the outcomes they want in whatever app powers or capabilities they use.

Easy Video Editor for Critical Steps

For users to get ready for more complex video editing or trimming, the program provides a basic video editor that users may use. Manual editing is sufficient for the user to manage everything cleanly and be ready for the export procedure, even though only a few sophisticated options are available. Users can see the video results before working, making for more accurate outcomes.

Widespread and Flexible Options for the User Interface

The interface of the MP4Fix Video Repair Tool may be customized easily, which is also a helpful feature. Numerous extensions are available to provide users with the most comfortable experience possible. It features a user-friendly and practical layout for long-term engagement. It has colorful backgrounds that vary according to each user’s tastes rather than adhering to a particular theme. In addition, users can dismiss the program and continue to run it in the background while editing the movies or scaling them up.

Effortless Video Distribution in Any Location

With the option to share content, users may transmit any film fixed straight to other people or to specific addresses on social networks. The program can also link with cloud storage, making it simpler to save or download films that meet various requirements. In addition to this, users will be required to install particular video formats before being able to share exported videos successfully.

MP4Fix Video Repair Tool is a comprehensive solution that can repair corrupted video files on your mobile device. It provides users access to various capabilities and methods that assist them in restoring or repairing broken draft video files that external forces or events have caused. The user-friendly and cutting-edge user interface allows users to engage with the program or set it up quickly while giving all of its features and capabilities in an organized fashion. Users may reduce the time spent converting videos thanks to the software’s universal compatibility with all video formats. Quick transformations into polished, high-quality videos ready for advanced editing are made possible by the primary video editor in the software.


People wishing to keep the priceless moments they have taken on their phones should download the app immediately. Users can quickly fix damaged movies and boost their quality by performing simple steps, thanks to the software’s user-friendly interface and sophisticated capabilities. In addition, customers who want to pay for Premium Features can receive limitless repairs and safeguard all of their upcoming phone videos. Installing MP4Fix Video Repair Tool immediately will ensure you never again lose your memories.

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