Download Monsters with Attitude APK v1.1.1 - Online Smash & Brawl PvP

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Monsters with Attitude 1


  • Publisher: Flaregames
  • Platforms: Android 5.0+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 40M
  • Latest Version: 1.1.1
  • MOD Features: NO
  • Date Updated: April 2, 2019

Monsters with Attitude – Flaregames role-playing action game

Today we will bring you a new role-playing game, in the game you will be immersive into giant monsters and fight extremely dramatic. This game called Monsters with Attitude: Online Smash & Brawl PvP, just released not so long ago by Flaregames. Although this developer is not famous, most of the games they have released have been quite successful, when each game they receive 5 to 10 million downloads. And Monsters with Attitude is an extremely interesting role-playing game, promising to bring great success for Flaregames developer in the near future.

Monsters with Attitude 2

Fight with giant monsters

This game will take players into the hordes of fierce monsters but also very eccentric. They are already moving between galaxies in the universe and are suddenly attracted by a beautiful world. These monsters decided to turn this planet into a playground for them to freely devastate, however due to being too enthusiastic, they occasionally fought each other.

Monsters with Attitude 3

The levels are divided into three separate parts – you start by collecting and smashing anything you can, and you also have the opportunity to pick up pieces of energy that increase your speed. Or add defensive armor. The levels end with a final collision, and the leading position will skyrocket when people try to get the biggest score. Unlike another arena game, you can’t completely defeat your opponent here. You can bump into the enemy and steal some of their energy, but since the game is limited in time, everyone must stick to the end to know who wins with the score. absolute

Monsters with Attitude 4

As every other game Monsters With Attitude allows you to unlock many different monsters according to your liking with different skills, but they will not change the core mechanism of the game too much. You unlock new monsters Through the cards fell out after each battle. This is a feature that gives you the incentive to plow and pull more games to see which creatures you will unlock next instead of just playing a few times and giving up.

Graphics and sound

Game Monsters with Attitude impresses with its image, it is equipped with good quality 3D graphics. Accordingly, the image is built in a very funny cartoon style. Thereby the player experiences the game feeling like watching 3D animated movies, but the content of the movie is created by the player itself. Impressive point of the image of the game Monsters with Attitude is to create a picture for the system of characters, which are giant monsters, however they are not aggressive at all, on the contrary, look very funny. Add to that the background music system with sound effects integrated in every situation to make the game more vivid.

Download Monsters with Attitude APK

Overall, Monsters with Attitude game gives you a fun gameplay but no less dramatic and charismatic, surely you will like it. If you are bored with the survival game or the popular MOBA game today, Monsters with Attitude will be a great choice for your entertainment. Below is the game download section for you to choose the version that is suitable for your device.

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