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Monster Trips Chaos MOD APK (Unlimited Gold, Diamonds) 2.2.9

Monster Trips Chaos MOD APK – Adventure with monster,battle,evolution storm,Challenge trainers,Super Evolution

App NameMonster Trips Chaos
Publisher SharpenPlay Entertainment
MOD InfoUnlimited Gold, Diamonds
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About Monster Trips Chaos

Monster Trips Chaos is an indie RPG game that mixes elements of tactics and teaching monsters. It will give you a unique gaming experience. This absolute offline monster training game claims to keep players interested with its engaging gameplay, exciting story, and many monsters to find. Prepare to jump into a world of exciting monster fights, level puzzles, and brilliant skill combos. This piece will give you a detailed look at the game’s features, how it works, and the unique things that make it a must-play for all gamers.

Starting a Monster Training Trip Around the World

In this game, the goal is to become the best monster master possible. To do this, they have to go on a fascinating trip around the world and catch a lot of solid monsters along the way. The game’s world is very detailed and asks players to discover and train their ultimate monster brigade, making a solid, dangerous team of monsters.

Unleash the Power of Strategic Training in the Monster-Type System

The Monster Type System is a vital part of how to play Monster Trips Chaos. Every monster has its type, and each style has its strengths and flaws. As a teacher, players must carefully think about their goals and plans to train and assemble a team of monsters with a wide range of skills. This planned way of training monsters gives the game more depth and ensures that no fight is the same.

Different skill combinations: Let Your Monsters’ Power Loose

In every fight in this game, skills are critical. Monsters learn many different skills as they grow and change. The other skill combinations in the game make each fight exciting and hard to guess. Experimenting with varying combos of monsters and their skills adds a layer of strategic depth that keeps players interested and captivated throughout the game.

Send and receive monsters with your friends

In the world of Monster Trips Chaos, teachers need to get along with each other. Players can send monsters to and get monsters from their friends. This exciting feature encourages players to work together and gives them a sense of community as they talk to and plan with their trusted friends.

Unlock the Device: Take on the Gym Leaders

When players unlock the game’s mechanism system, they can face Gym Leaders, which is a lot of fun. These tough opponents put a trainer’s skills and strategies to the test. Take on the Gym Leaders to show off your skills and open up new game levels.

Get caught up in exciting scenes

Players will see many stunningly original scenes moving through Monster Trips Chaos’s vast and varied world. Every part of the game is beautiful, from the big fights to the beautiful scenery. As you start your trip to train monsters, take a moment to enjoy the beauty of the battles, the flowers along the road, and the sky.

Puzzles and rewards: Use the Game Hall System

The Game Hall System within the game introduces players to various engaging puzzles. Solving these tasks will give you valuable coupons to trade for different in-game perks. You can sharpen your mind and get better at handling problems simultaneously.

Large World Map: Find the Best Views You Can Imagine

The game has a carefully made world map system that lets players discover many different settings. From busy towns to strange caves and peaceful lakes, the game’s graphics will blow players away. As you go on your quest to train monsters, you will see some of the most beautiful sights you can imagine.

Quest System and Achievement System Are Fun to Use

Monster Trips Chaos has an exciting quest system that lets players talk to different people and learn about their stories. When players finish these tasks, they get critical in-game gifts that help them on their way as trainers. The more quests they spend, the more immersed they become in the game’s world, solidifying their role as skilled teachers.

The game has an Achievement System in addition to the goal system. This method gives people a reason to push themselves and do great things. The more goals a trainer hits, the more respect they get as a teacher. Show off what you’ve done and that you’re the best teacher in the game.

Fight powerful monsters and let out your inner hero

The game has a battle system full of action and puts players against intense, scary monsters. As a teacher, you can show off your skills and how tough you are in exciting fights. The different character system lets you unlock and level up other characters, each with its skills. Prepare to kill the evil forces called “youkai” and bring peace back to the land.

Experience a New Dimension of Battle

Monster Trips Chaos’s unique combat dimension is excellent for people who want to try something new and exciting in combat. Find and train a variety of animals so that you can use their power to make a strong fighting force. As the primary monster teacher, you can buy many tools from the game shop. Explore new places, travel through beautiful scenery, and attend specialized training schools to improve your skills. Feed your troops powerful food and drink and lead them to success.

Learn how to put together skills

To be the best fighter you can be in this game, you need to use the strengths of different animal types. Each kind of animal has its traits, muscles, and flaws. You can make the best war god to beat any opponent by carefully thinking about their qualities. Choosing the right skills and gaining access to new moves during fights will give you prizes and a significant edge. Look for gym modes and find great leaders to help you along your trip. Gather treasures from nature along the way to give your troops more life.

Build bonds by trading characters with your teammates

Monster Trips Chaos’s table connection method ensures the game engages and allows players to work together. Players can trade roles with their friends at any time, which builds a sense of teamwork and unity. Be a trusted friend who helps your team when problems come up out of the blue. Doing this will give you new prizes and an advantage over your opponents.

Puzzles that are very hard to solve will make you think

Get ready for puzzles that will make you feel. They are all over the game. These challenging tasks will test your creativity and ability to solve problems. You need to be able to think quickly and react quickly as you try to finish each job within the time limit. Fighting enemies is essential, but solving problems is just as crucial if you want to win.

Become the Best Trainer Ever

There are a lot of things you can do in Monster Trips Chaos. As you earn more achievements and catch more monsters, you get closer to being the best teacher. Take charge of a strong army of monsters and show off your skill, planning, and hard work. Will you rise to the task and become the world champion to make your dreams come true in this fantastic monster training adventure?

MOD APK version of Monster Trips Chaos

MOD feature

  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited DiamondsImportant Note:
    Turn the mod on after starting a game, and don’t turn off it for avoiding any issues.


The world of Monster Trips Chaos is ready to be explored, and it will give you a game experience like no other. Start an exciting trip, catch monsters that will blow your mind, and show off your skills as a master. Immerse yourself in beautiful environments, solve complex tasks, and get close to your partners. It’s time to show how good you are at training monsters and become the best. Welcome to the world of Monster Trips Chaos, where tactics, monsters, and adventures all come together. Get it now and start your epic trip.

Download Monster Trips Chaos MOD APK (Unlimited Gold, Diamonds) 2.2.9

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