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If you are bored with the card-collecting gameplay often found in turn-based strategy games, then Monster Legends will bring you an extraordinary experience. Here, you will raise, upgrade, and breed monsters to get compelling combinations to conquer all enemies.

Discovering all the unique points in this game to give your mind a chance to relax is also one of the secrets to making your life more relaxed. So how to create the best experience with Monster Legends game? The first task of each player is to discover all information related to the game.

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General Information about Monster Legends

Monster Legends is one of the strategy game genres that have been modified in terms of play form founded by game publisher Socialpoint, released on 12/12/2013. On June 12, 2014, the game continued to launch a Mobile version, allowing players to play on two platforms: Android 4.1 and iOS 9.0 and above. In addition, the publisher continues to bring the game closer and more popular when creating a version that can be played on Facebook.

Although not a new game anymore, Monster legends has confirmed its appeal with many gamers today. The primary evidence is that the number of registrations and game downloads has increased significantly.

Belonging to the tactical genre combined with extremely eye-catching 2D images, Monster legends has brought the most realistic image quality; players will not feel bored or excited every time they reach the climax through these sharp and vivid images.

What’s New in Monster Legends?

Suppose you have ever played the game Dragon City, which dominates the Facebook game market. In that case, you will be very familiar with the gameplay of building houses and raising monsters to fight PvP.

Programmers and gamers call this method a type of tactical simulation RPG game; the main feature is that each monster has clear stats such as defense, attack, and different skills.

Monsters even have levels or experience bars; players rely on that simulation to adjust playing tactics to best suit.

The most memorable thing lies in the simulation of the monster’s residence; there is an operation like a warehouse, each beast can spawn money every second. Players need to use that index to harvest as much cash as possible to serve tasks such as buying more monsters, upgrading houses, buying food for monsters, etc.

Monster Legends is also designed according to the same circumstances, but there has been a marked improvement; players have noticed innovation, especially in this mobile game. What is that?

If you are familiar with this type of strategy and simulation game, you can quickly realize that Monster Legends is the later version of the Dragon City game. That’s why it both continues its senior and has a chance to renew itself, creating new excitement for gamers.

This novelty is reflected in the fact that, in the game, it is no longer an explosive battle with only 1 monster but has increased to 3, which helps to increase the genre’s strategy as it increases the appeal of the game.

And when compared with the brother that preceded Dragon City, Monster Legends seems to have a higher appeal and win the hearts of players more.


Coming to the game Monster Legends means that you will own a beautiful paradise island. Naturally, there will be monsters with charming and funny appearances in that place, but there is also no shortage of ferocious beasts, always showing a belligerent spirit.

The critical task of each player when entering this paradise island is to nurture the monsters to upgrade them to be eligible to expand the paradise island by participating in the war to destroy the enemy, conquer new lands.

The manipulation skills to fight in this game are not complicated, if not too simple. Still taking advantage of turn-based gameplay, the player directly assigns the battle order of monsters based on each monster’s speed.

For each attack, the player needs to decide on two factors, the first is the target to attack, and the second is the skill to use.

Learn the Details of the Game Modes of Monster Legends

In this game, there are 4 game modes, so it can bring a variety of experiences for gamers, from which the game does not fall into boredom. These game modes include:

Battle Monsters

This is the most basic opening mode. In Monster Legends, there are 400 levels for players to overcome and are regularly updated to change the player’s experience and feel, allowing you to adventure to many exciting islands.

There will be different levels of play on each island due to various species of monsters living on each island and certain levels shown by exchanging and comparing strength with bosses. In addition, new giant monsters can continue to overcome other stages.

Multi-Player Mode

This is a mode that allows many players to compete against each other. This mode is similar to the ranking modes; when the player wins, it will be the basis for the score to increase, pushing your rank higher.

Live Duels

This mode will be opened if the player reaches level 20. This mode allows the player not to need to care about monsters anymore because the system will give you three monster choices to apply to your squad.

At that time, try to show your talent in arranging and coordinating monsters together to create a power that no enemy can match easily.


This mode will be opened if the player can pass the 10th challenge at the level of Monster Legends. In this mode, you have the opportunity to receive many attractive gifts if you win.

MOD APK of Monster Legends

  • Unlimited money

Final Thoughts

Currently, the game uses many monsters with such an uncountable number; it will be much more convenient to expand the island area.

The lands where you fight also contain many buildings that you can unlock if you reach the magic level.

If you want to upgrade faster, you need to take advantage of the mission system that the game provides. The number of parallel tasks is always necessary to be used in a timely and timely manner, so do not ignore them.

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