Download Monster Fishing 2019 MOD Apk v0.1.93 (diamonds/gold/hooks)

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Monster Fishing 2019 1


  • Publisher: Nexelon inc
  • Platforms: Android 4.1+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 67M
  • Latest Version: 0.1.93
  • MOD Features: Diamonds/gold/hooks
  • Date Updated: May 10, 2019

The mobile fishing games are popular with many players, as it brings the funniest entertainment moments without killing like in the roleplaying games. Previously, we have introduced to you an attractive fishing game of Netmarble called Fishing Strike. And today, we bring back another adorable fishing game called Monster Fishing 2019.

Monster Fishing 2019 1

Monster Fishing 2019 was released a few days ago by Nexelon inc, supports for the Android platform, iOS for completely free. However, this is not a new fishing game. Actually, it’s an upgraded version of the game Monster Fishing 2018 MOD Apk that was released not long ago. Monster Fishing 2019 is a new version with new features and is now searched by many players. In the article below ApkMazon will evaluate the game’s highlights and introduce you to the version of Monster Fishing 2019 MOD Apk.

Monster Fishing 2019 – New entertainment fishing Game

Simple gameplay

The game Monster Fishing 2019 MOD Apk is not too complicated. Getting participate in the game, you just select the necessary items and go to different places and start fishing. The game will provide the most complete equipment systems, such as fishing rods, baitfish, hooks, fishing hooks, etc. for you to collect. You will come to many different locations to conquer different species of fish with varied sizes. In each type of water, such as salt water, fresh water or brackish water, there will have different species for the player to catch. Not only are there many species of fish, but you can also catch many other creatures such as turtles, tortoises, shrimp, crabs … in the vast ocean.

Monster Fishing 2019 2

At the beginning of the game, you will have one of the lowest level fishing rods that only can help you catch the small fish. Later on, you will discover new locations with larger species, which requires better fishing gear. After fishing these aquatic creatures, you can feed them into your aquarium. The aquarium is made by yourself and you have to take care of your fish every day until it reaches its maximum size for sale. You have to know how to raise them to the highest value to sell for more money. The earned money will be used to purchase new fishing gear.

The way to control in Monster Fishing 2019 is simpler than any other fishing games. With a single button, you can fish in any circumstances, any fishes. However, during the game, the game requires players to know how to release the string and pull the line at the right time depending on the strength of the fish. If you keep pulling on the line, the big fish will break your string.

Monster Fishing 2019 3

Upgrading the plot system

Later on, there will be more new species of fish so you will need to upgrade your fishing gear such as rods, longer fishing lines, etc. To upgrade, you must have enough money. The better the hook is, the higher the price is. If you refuse to upgrade your fishing gear, you will lose the big fish because of the rod or the fishing line that can not withstand the weight of the fish.

Main features of the game

  • Discover 30 different locations with beautiful scenery and conquer the largest fish
  • Build a pond to take care of the fish, shrimp, crabs that you have caught
  • More than 250 species of fish in the world are waiting for you to conquer
  • Upgrade your fishing gear to conquer the giant fishes
  • Feel the real experience, like fishing directly in the Pacific Ocean
  • Real 3D graphics, bring you the most vivid moments
  • Gaming is free, no Internet connection required
Monster Fishing 2019 4

Impressive graphics

The game Monster Fishing 2019 is developed with super-realistic 3D graphics, giving you a great experience. The gameplay makes you feel like you are fishing directly in the waters of the Pacific Ocean. The sea landscapes, fishing ponds are built extremely vivid with bright colors. Along with that is the system of aquatic life that is shaped completely true as in real life.

What does the Monster Fishing 2019 MOD Apk has?

With the Monster Fishing 2019 MOD, you will have unlimited coins, diamonds. So you can afford to buy modern fishing rods, fishing lines, … without spending time raising fish for sale. In addition, your aquarium is extended to full size, you can feed giant fish without worrying about running out of the room.

FishingStrike MOD Apk

Download Monster Fishing 2018 MOD Apk

With Monster Fishing 2019, you can fish across the Pacific Ocean with just your smartphone. You will experience the game with the most realistic feeling. Up to now, Monster Fishing 2018 has received over 1 million downloads and over good 45,000 reviews from Google Play players, showing that it’s a really cool game. And below, there will be the original 2018 Monster Fishing from Google Play and Monster Fishing 2019 MOD Apk for you to download.

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