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Today’s game that ApkMod will introduce you will be a virtual pet game which is just like the extremely attractive Pokemon. This game called Monsland Legend was released by BellazioJoy a few days ago. The current game is only available on Google Play store for Android devices, the iOS version will probably be released shortly after that. This Monsland Legend game has a catchy gameplay with eye-catching graphics so that it quickly get the attention of gamers around the world.

Monsland Legend 1

Monsland Legend – BellazioJoy’s new game about the beast

The game plot

The game Monsland Legend brings you to a magical land with many strange and magical spells. There will be the appearance of monsters which are divided into different types. There are monsters that let you easily capture, nurture and take them to battle and there are the fierce types that you have to use your beasts to defeat them. For better understanding, you need to nurture, develop the beast and take them to fight the beasts of other players or participate in exciting activities in the game.

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Interesting gameplay

As said, your task in this Monsland Legend game is to find and tame the monsters for your collection, develop their power to join the battle. You will adventure everywhere in this Monsland Legend land to hunt down monsters, collect them to make your monster system more diverse. You have to constantly upgrade, develop the beasts so that their strengths are increased to be able to confront the stronger players.

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Monsland Legend APK will open the real-time PvP battles so that players around the world can meet each other and let their beasts fight to see who is better in nurturing and controlling the beast. In the battles, you will have to rely on the monster’s fighting skills to properly build the strategy. In addition to the real-time PvP mode, Monsland Legend also offers a variety of modes, including the Arena Epic for Master, clash with monsters in guild battles, …

Monsland Legend 4


Monsland Legend APK is equipped with modern 3D graphics, bringing the extremely sharp and eye-catching image. The highlight of the game is the extremely cute image of the beast, which is not as aggressive as other role-playing games today. The visual effects are harmoniously combined, giving the player the feel of watching a 3D animated film.

Download Monsland Legend APK

In general, Monsland Legend game is similarly developed as the classic Pokemon, with a quite impressive graphics so this will be a game in the near future. If you are interested in Monsland Legend, you can download it via the link below to experience this great game.

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