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App NameMinion Rush
Publisher Gameloft SE
Require5.0 and up
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Fans of the non-stop running game genres like Temple Run and love Minion should not ignore Minion Rush. You will transform into the Minions and join the challenging journey.

About Minion Rush: infinite run game

With the success of Despicable Me and the Minions, these character-based titles also succeeded. Minion Rush with an endless chase journey with the Minion character attracts gamers’ eyes from the very first screen. Players will play the lovely Minion and participate in the fun-filled chase. Along the way, players need to collect bananas like how Minions collect bananas – their favorite food in the movie. Players also need to overcome the obstacles that appear on the run and complete interesting tasks. This unlimited running journey will immerse you.

Minion Rush is developed by Gameloft SE and released for free on Play Store and AppStore. The game has now reached more than 100 million downloads and more than 10 million positive reviews from players. It is also one of the most popular endless runner games on mobile.

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Minion Rush is a classic endless runner game similar to Temple Run and Subway Surfers. It has easy gameplay and you don’t need to spend too much time learning how to control Minion. Your main task in the game is to overcome the obstacles on the way and collect enough bananas to complete the mission. You can control Minion by manipulating directly on the main screen. Possible actions are moving left, right, jumping, somersaults, or slithering. Sometimes you need to use other activities such as smoking bananas or double bananas.

During the run, you will encounter obstacles that slow down, reduce visibility or lose. Pay attention and coordinate the use of reflexes of your hands and eyes to be able to go as far as possible. Besides, the running speed also increases according to the distance that Minion can run. Besides, the value of bonus points from bananas will also be increased. After completing the levels, you will receive tokens, bananas, parts of costumes, or a new character. When you need support features during the run, Token and banana will help you a lot in shopping in the shop.

Upgrade and change costumes for characters

The number of characters and the costumes that come with them is varied. Players must collect enough puzzle pieces with a certain number to be able to assemble a complete character. These pieces you can buy at the store or do quests to receive. You can also get them when you complete your level. Changing characters will help players feel excited when playing. In addition, each character also possesses different special skills. The more money the characters cost to unlock, the more extras it gives you.

During the game, you can also change the outfit for your Minion. The suits also have different functions. Some special skins even extend the effects of minion potions. Sometimes they will make it easier for minions to overcome obstacles than usual. If you want to change the character, the outfit depending on your preferences, go to Wardrobe on the main screen.

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Unlock different maps and missions

Similar to other endless running games, you don’t just run at a single location. Minion Rush offers players a variety of missions and maps. You can see the map you’re playing at Gru’s Lair. It consists of seven maps and each map corresponds to different missions and maps. Each map will bring running tracks with different scenes for you to experience. You will have to gain enough exp to level up and unlock these maps in turn. If you want to switch or preview other maps, let swipe up or down. Moreover, the missions are also diverse and increase according to the difficulty of the map. Sometimes, you need to run a long-distance and collect many items to complete the assigned tasks.

Revive with Gru Token

As the speed increases and the number of obstacles on the road appears more, your chances of losing also increase. If you hit an obstacle on the road, the game will give you two choices. You can choose to start over or respawn with Gru tokens and continue playing. This Gru Token will appear randomly during your run. Therefore, try to collect them to use when needed. Another way for you to earn Gru Token is by logging in with Facebook. The number of Tokens from this login is also quite large and enough for you to own some interesting characters. One caveat for you is that you shouldn’t use Gru tokens to revive lives often. Instead, use them to buy rare items or skip difficult quests.

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Besides using your character control skills, you need to combine additional support tools. Power-ups are a powerful support tool for endless running in Minion Rush. When you have enough bananas, don’t forget to visit the shop to buy yourself Power-ups. When using these tools, the score will be significantly improved compared to not using them. Some special support tools also make your level more successful with more bananas. Sometimes it even helps you overcome obstacles easily.

Compete with other players

Even if you only run on your path, try to run to get the highest score. When the run is over, your score and run rank will be displayed. This list is formed from the moment you connect your social accounts to the game. This is a fun form of competition for you to compete with your friends. During special events, ranking points are also important. The higher your rank is, the bigger rewards you get.

MOD APK of Minion Rush

  • Free Shopping: You can shop for free in the game even if you don’t have enough coins.


Is your Minion ready to overcome obstacles and collect bananas on the endless run in Minion Rush? If so, don’t hesitate to download the game and join this race now.

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