Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2

Mini Militia - Doodle Army 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Grenades) 5.5.0

App NameMini Militia - Doodle Army 2
Require4.4 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Grenades
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If you are a fan of ancient contra games, Mini Militia is an option you should not miss when entertaining. This game with simple 2D graphics and attractive sounds will surely make you addicted.

About Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2

Are you too tired after a busy day and want to relax with simple games? Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2 is a super exciting game that helps you reduce stress and increase the fun. There are no difficulties or experience requirements to join this game. Your main task is to fight enemies, destroy them, and receive attractive rewards when winning. Your enemies are very clever and they are always looking to invade the world. You are the chosen hero. Therefore, you need to try every way to prevent their dark plots.

Plus, individual skills and teamwork are all you need to win. Some missions only require you to play alone to complete. However, there are missions, where you need to coordinate with your teammates for maximum performance. At this point, the better coordination you show with your teammates, the higher your chances of winning. Besides, the game also has many attractive features for players to explore.

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Online multiplayer mode

Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2 offers online multiplayer for you to battle with other players. This is your chance to meet new teammates. At the same time, you can also invite your friends to join to test their fighting skills. The maximum number of players in this mode is 6 players. You can create rooms and host. With this position, you take the initiative in deciding who your teammates are.

When entering the match, you will be a team and the task is to defeat the enemy. The number of enemies in this match is a lot. Therefore, you need to coordinate with your teammates to win. Prepare your weapons carefully before fighting. When you win, you will receive bonuses and use them to buy weapons for the following matches.

Various types of modern weapons

A warrior can’t go to war without a weapon. The weapon system that this game provides is very diverse. You not only use classic AK guns but also use modern guns. The number of bullets in these guns is also plenty and enough for you to survive. Some impressive guns you can use are Saw gun, Flamethrower, PHASR,… Each gun will have a different feature that will have different stats. Before buying them, you should take a look at these stats to choose the right weapon. The more powerful the gun, the higher the price of owning them. So, fight and accumulate money to buy these modern weapons.

Every weapon in Mini Militia has unique stats including power, fire rate, accuracy, clip size, melee, and max zoom. Depending on the weapon, these stats are different. The game currently has 5 weapon groups: handguns, SMGs, Rifles, Shotguns, Snipers, and Special. All weapons in the game starts at level 1. You can use coins to upgrade them. When a weapon is leveled up, the stats are increased.

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Many challenging maps to explore

Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2 does not only provide a map for you to survive. It allows you to experience and improve your fighting skills with more than 20 maps. Each different map will be a different battle with enemies from weak to strong. To play in the new maps, you need to complete the current maps well. You will be led from battles in the city to battles in the desert. Special bases also appear for you to show your fighting ability. Players never get bored because the number of maps is quite a lot to explore. Besides, in each map, the game also requires special weapons to destroy enemies. Therefore, you should accumulate coins to buy these weapons.

Control the character and Customize your avatar

Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2 is a military action game with dual controls. This means you both fight the enemy and have to move your character. There are buttons such as throwing bombs, running right / left, or using a knife. There are situations where players need to use their fingers simultaneously to control. Therefore, new players may find it difficult to control at first. The difficulty comes from the character’s movement speed. The character moves more slowly than you would like, making it difficult for you to control. However, this is only a difficult feeling at first. Just control the character to move a few times and you will immediately get used to the gameplay. So, if you practice competition every day, your fighting skills also increase.

Moreover, this game also allows you to change the appearance of the character. Players can change their faces, clothes, body details, etc. With some special outfits, you need to use the money to own them. Accessories do not make your character stronger. It simply makes your style unique in battle.

Mini Militia custom your characters

Training and survival mode

A warrior cannot survive the battlefield well without the necessary training in combat skills. With the training mode, new players will learn how to use weapons, control characters, and fight effectively. In this mode, you will fight with a scarecrow for practice. Do not underestimate this mode because it can help you control the character and fight better.

When you feel confident with your skills, you can start fighting in survival mode. This mode requires you to use all the fighting skills required. You need to choose the best weapon and always have enough ammo to fight. Damage from enemies in these matches is also very high, requiring you to dodge well. Besides, you also need to move reasonably and use your weapon to shoot back. When you kill all the enemies, you win. Winning rewards are also very attractive.

Graphics and sound

Mini Militia uses simple 2D graphics. It reminds us of the legendary video game series Worm. The characters in the game are designed in a fun cartoon style. This made the atmosphere of the battle less tense. The sound effects and explosions are also done quite well by the developer. Due to simple 2D graphics, the game has a fairly light capacity of just over 40M. Therefore, the game works smoothly on most Android phones, including low-end devices.

MOD APK of Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2

If you are looking for the mod version of Mini Militia 2, you have come to the right place! At APKmazon, we bring you the latest mod of this game. You can download and install it for free.

Mod features

  • Unlimited Grenades: When you start a battle, your equipment only has 3 grenades. They will increase as you use them. The grenades are powerful weapons that can help you easily destroy the enemy and win.
  • Pro Pack Unlocked


  • The unlimited money/ammo feature is currently not available in this mod.


Become a talented warrior and defeat all enemies to get attractive rewards in Mini Militia 2. Download this game now and relieve stress after a tiring day at work.

Download Mini Militia - Doodle Army 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Grenades) 5.5.0

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