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Mini Football - Mobile Soccer MOD APK (Unlimited Sprint/ Dumb Enemy) 2.6.0

App NameMini Football - Mobile Soccer
Require4.4 and up
MOD InfoUnlimited Sprint/ Dumb Enemy
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Choose your favorite starting line-up and prepare yourself for the ultimate soccer match at Mini Football. This soccer simulation game will immerse you in the exciting feeling.

About Mini Football – Mobile Soccer

Are you an avid football fan and always want to show off your soccer skills? Want to try out football tactics like a professional coach? Mini Football – a soccer simulation game with interesting graphics that will help you satisfy your passion. Miniclip is the maker of this exciting soccer game. If you love this developer, you should try some of their other popular games on Android platform like 8 Ball Pool, Mini Militia – Doodle Army 2

The design of this game is also quite simple with intuitive control buttons. Whatever your age, you can quickly get into the pace of this game. Its gameplay is similar to similar soccer simulation games. When you start playing, you will feel the drama in each ball phase. This game also allows you to coach your team. Besides, you also have the right to control famous players with exciting new character sets.

Mini Football-mod-apk


It is not difficult for you to get used to and start controlling the players in Mini Football. The main screen of the game specifically displays the navigation keys. The game will have specific instructions for each control button to familiarize players with the gameplay. In this game, you will train your team and directly control the players to compete. A practice mode is also added to help players practice confidence when competing. You can easily adjust your practice and friendly matches to prepare your skills. There are three levels of easy, medium, and hard in each training mode. Each mode will help you practice the necessary skills for each match. At the same time, while playing, you can upgrade your character and team to make them play better. When your team wins, you will receive bonuses to strengthen and buy gadgets for your team.

The gameplay of Mini Football is not like traditional football games like Fifa or Pes. The speed of the matches took place faster than usual. Your players move very fast and so do your opponents. When you make a pass or a shot, the ball also goes very fast. The high speed makes matches more exciting. The time for each match is also shortened.

Build and upgrade your team

Not only stopping at controlling the players playing on the field but you are also assigned more tasks and responsibilities than that. Mini Football lets you take on the role of coach and technical director of the team. Your task is to choose the right team for the match to achieve the best results. Besides, you need to use good tactics to customize the position of the player on the field. When adjusting the appropriate position for each match, your team’s win rate will be higher.

These jobs are not enough for your team to beat other teams. Therefore, you need to buy more upgrade packages such as building a stadium to have a good place to practice; package fortification of the squad with experienced players; traditional room for players to rest, or shop for new jerseys for each season. To buy these packages, you must pay the amount accumulated after each match. In addition to receiving money after the game, you can earn additional income by completing practice matches, tournaments, or seasons. In addition, when your team reaches the level of popularity, the jerseys will become more valuable. At this point, you can sell them to get more money to upgrade the team.

Mini Football-features

Diverse player system

Unfortunately, the character system in Mini Football is not the actual players. You can’t find familiar names on the pitch like Luis Alberto, Rooney, Messi, or Neymar. However, the design of these characters is also very vivid to bring a realistic feeling to the player. This character system is very diverse with up to 400 players. Equipping skills and designing each player are also different. These players come from different clubs so their colors are also different. Besides, each player will take on a specific position in your team. Character stats are also displayed specifically for you to choose the right character for each of their matches. You need to observe these indicators to choose the right player.

Exciting game mode

Players can choose one of two main modes to experience the match, including Offline and Online. In Online mode, you need to register a social account or link it. With this account, you can invite your friends to compete or directly compete with opponents from other countries. Not only stopping at the friendly competition, but the game also organizes online tournaments across the region for players to challenge each other. Try to strengthen your team to take the top position on the leader board.

With Offline Mode, you will directly control your team to complete the available tasks. This mode allows you to earn money by participating in tournaments or practice matches. You should not underestimate these matches because they bring huge profits. When you win, you will get quite a lot of bonuses.

Climb the leaderboard

Mini Football has an online game mode where you will play real-time matches against other opponents around the world. So there is a ranking system to classify managers. You start playing at the lowest rank, bronze. By winning matches, your team can climb to higher ranks like silver and gold. When you win and gain enough experience, you have the opportunity to participate in the All-Star League – the highest level of tournaments in the game, where the best players gather. It is more difficult when playing at high rank, but when you win, the rewards are very valuable.

The ranking system in Mini Football works quite clearly. When you have a winning streak, you get more experience points and level up easily. However, if you lose a few matches, you may be relegated.

Mini Football-rank

Experience many unique stadiums

Your team doesn’t just practice in a single stadium. Mini Football offers up to 5 unique stadiums to provide a variety of training and competition experiences. The size and decoration of the stadium also become larger as your team becomes famous. Each stadium will give you a different feeling. At home or on international courts, the audience and the design of the field are different. Their cheering sounds are also more distinctive depending on the size of the match.

MOD APK of Mini Football

MOD info

  • Unlimited Sprint: Sprint gives your player a quick boost. With the latest mod of Mini Football that we bring, you can use this technique unlimitedly.
  • Dumb Enemy
  • Speed Multiplier


  • You can get banned if you play in Online mode.
  • There is no mod version for iOS
  • Unlimited Money MOD feature is not available.


Show off your soccer skills and manage your team right away with the great player system at Mini Football. Download the game now and lead your team to fame.

Download Mini Football - Mobile Soccer MOD APK (Unlimited Sprint/ Dumb Enemy) 2.6.0

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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