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Mighty Quest Rogue Palace MOD APK (Unlocked) 1.0.20

Epic treasure is what you’re after in Mighty Quest Rogue Palace. Take on the game’s mega bosses. Whack your way through a crazed maze, and expect to die a lot. Get better and save the kingdom. Not at all!

App NameMighty Quest Rogue Palace
Publisher Netflix
MOD InfoUnlocked
Get it onGoogle Play


About Mighty Quest Rogue Palace

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Mighty Quest Rogue Palace mashes up the thrill of action gameplay with the mystery of roguelike and role-playing game mechanics. Players must defeat clever foes and powerful monsters as they make their way through the twisting corridors of dungeons. In combating the many enemies they face, from banshees to goblins, players can unleash devastating combos by using their heroes’ special moves.

The Plight of the Kingdom of Opulencia

The Void, a malignant spirit, has used the King’s greed to seize control of the Kingdom of Opulencia. A hero, or more than one, is required to rescue the kingdom from the clutches of The Void. Action, dynamic dungeons, and a rich cast of characters make Mighty Quest Rogue Palace a thrilling rogue-lite experience that puts players in the footsteps of these heroes.

Heroes and Weapons

One of Mighty Quest Rogue Palace’s most impressive features is the wide range of game options. Players can always try out new methods and tactics due to the vast number of possible permutations of heroes, powers, weapons, and armor. This customization improves the fun factor and guarantees great repeat value.

A Labyrinth of Challenges

The fun continues beyond the character creation phase. The only way to save the country from the Mad King is for players to enter his huge, dangerous mental palace. This dynamic maze features 15 distinct locales, each offering new difficulties and traps. Players will be kept on their toes by the wide variety of foes they encounter, from goblins to banshees.

Twenty Distinct Characters Await

Players will require a hero to lead them through the palace of the Mad King. Twenty unique playable heroes are available on Mighty Quest Rogue Palace, each with special moves and powers. Players can choose a hero with abilities that fit their playstyle, such as the stealthy ranger Sir Daryn or the terrifying plague doctor Coma.

Delve into Heroic Sagas and Uncover Hidden Secrets

Mighty Quest Rogue Palace has more to offer than simply superheroes and action. Players can get lost in their favorite characters’ wild, fantastical adventures as they go on perplexing quests and learn more about their fascinating backstories. Players will learn the actual motivation for the King’s avarice and may even be able to gain the assistance of his subordinates as the game progresses.

MOD APK of Mighty Quest Rogue Palace

MOD Info

The game no longer requires a paid Netflix subscription.


With many options to keep players interested, Mighty Quest Rogue Palace provides a compelling roguelike experience. This game’s broad appeal can be attributed to its exciting gameplay, dynamic dungeons, and unique cast of characters. With Ubisoft Entertainment’s support, players know they’re getting a top-notch game in Mighty Quest Rogue Palace. Is the defense of the Kingdom of Opulencia something you feel up to taking on?

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