Mighty DOOM
Mighty DOOM

Mighty DOOM MOD APK (Unlocked) 1.10.1

A run and gun shooter set in the animated DOOM universe!

App NameMighty DOOM
Publisher Bethesda Softworks LLC
Require10 and up
MOD InfoUnlocked
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About Mighty DOOM

Alpha Dog Games’ Mighty DOOM is a top-down, arcade-style shooter. The game occurs in the animated DOOM world, where players control their customizable Mini Slayer and fight through Hell to save their pet rabbit, Daisy. Mighty DOOM provides an explosive gaming experience with its fast-paced demon-slaying action, challenging gameplay, and wide selection of legendary DOOM weaponry.

A Fast-Paced Demon-Slaying Experience

Mighty DOOM forces players to always fire their weapon, whether moving or stationary. The game’s easy touch controls let players avoid ranged foes and hold melee demons at bay while pursuing the Glory Kill. This element contributes to the fast-paced action and intense gameplay of the game.

A Variety of Iconic Weapons

Mighty DOOM contains three different weapons players may equip and switch on the fly to unleash their might. Gamers have access to thirteen legendary weapons, such as the Rocket Launcher, which can destroy many demons with a single shot, and the Unmakyr and BFG, which inflict maximum destruction. Each weapon has its unique strengths and limitations, allowing players to tailor their method for demon fighting to their play style.

Level Up and Customize Your Mini Slayer

As players travel through the stages of Mighty DOOM, the demons they fight get increasingly formidable. To reply in kind, players must level up their Tiny Slayer into a demon-slaying machine and unlock over a dozen legendary DOOM weaponry, such as the Plasma Rifle and Rocket Launcher. In addition, players may utilize equipment to upgrade and build legendary equipment and acquire benefits connected to their weapon selections to improve their demon-slaying abilities.

Mighty DOOM mod apk

Rip and Tear Through Mini Versions of Iconic DOOM Locations

Every level of Mighty DOOM contains fast-paced arcade action. Gamers blast through miniature copies of renowned DOOM settings, battling waves of tiny demons and testing their spectacular boss-slaying abilities. The game is accessible to casual and expert gamers because of its complex and simple-to-learn gameplay.

Become Mighty: Level Up and Arm Your Mini Slayer

To prepare for the subsequent demon encounter, gamers must increase the level of their Mini Slayer. Users may equip their character with iconic weapons like the Plasma Rifle, Chain Gun, and Super Shotgun and enhance them. In addition to weapon-specific benefits, players may acquire destructive powers and perform crazy combinations to defeat Hell’s armies. In doing so, gamers become formidable demon slayers able to face any challenge.

Get Ready for the Next Epic Boss Fight

Every boss encounter in Mighty DOOM contains explosive demon-slaying action. Mini-versions of renowned DOOM enemies, such as the Baron of Hell, the Hell Priest, and others, provide formidable challenges to players when they engage in boss battles. These boss battles offer a unique and challenging experience that requires players to utilize their talents and abilities.


Mighty DOOM is a top-down, arcade-style shooter that puts players in the middle of a battle against hordes of demons from the flaming depths of Hell. Whether you are a novice or an expert gamer, Mighty DOOM delivers an unparalleled demon-slaying experience. With distinct subheadings, it is easier to comprehend the game and its aspects. Tear and tear anyplace as you defeat hundreds of difficult stages and dramatic boss battles. Tailor your Mini Slayer, increase your skill level, and equip yourself with famous DOOM weaponry to become the perfect demon killer.

Mighty DOOM delivers an engaging and addicting gaming experience that will have you returning for more with its fast-paced action, simple touch controls, and diverse arsenal of weaponry. In Mighty DOOM, you must use your demon-slaying talents to save your pet rabbit, Daisy, from the grips of Hell.

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