Metal Slug: Awakening MOD APK (Unlocked) 1.5

The pinacle of 2D action-shooting is revived on iPhone / iPod Touch!

App NameMetal Slug: Awakening
Require6.0 and up
MOD InfoUnlocked
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About Metal Slug: Awakening

A New Chapter in the Metal Slug Chronicles

Metal Slug: Awakening is an exciting run-and-gun game created by Tencent Games and developed by TiMi Studios, a division of Tencent Games. This latest installment in the renowned series advances the game by shifting from the original pixel art to magnificent 3D visuals, making it ideal for mobile devices. While preserving the core of traditional Metal Slug levels, the game also broadens the players’ experience by introducing various new game types.

Setting Out on a Global Adventure

The World Adventure mode is initially offered to players through Metal Slug: Awakening. Fans of the series will immediately recognize the opening scene as an accurate reproduction of Mission 1 from Metal Slug 2, replete with recognizable shelters and settings. This nostalgic trip culminates in a fight with a boss opponent reminiscent of the VTOL bomber from the first mission of the original game.

Masterful Mobile Gaming Optimization

TiMi Studio went above and above when optimizing the game for mobile devices. Players will avoid opposing assaults almost instantly, ensuring that the fast-paced, arcade-style gameplay is maintained. Furthermore, Metal Slug: Awakening adds interactive map features, such as the ability to drive cars and rescue prisoners, to give complexity to the game.

Experience Immersive Audio

The background music and sound effects are faithful to the original Metal Slug 2, giving gamers a nostalgic aural experience. Iconic lines such as “Mission Complete” after completing a level or “Heavy Machine Gun” after getting the H bomb add to the nostalgia aspect.

New Game Modes and Innovations

Metal Slug: Awakening expands on its classic origins by introducing new game variants. Hot Pursuit, for example, features a sequence of challenging levels laced with Roguelike themes. After completing each stage successfully, players can select one of three random skill improvements, fostering the creation of a distinct combat style.

Players in the Joint Operation mode can form groups of three for cooperative, time-limited missions.

Easter Eggs and Hidden Gems

The game has several easter eggs that pay homage to the original Metal Slug arcade games. One example is the main character, Marco Rossi, who accumulates weight after overeating. Another fun element is the miner, who will reward the player with a priceless stone if approached and left alone for a set period. These minor surprises are sure to please both newbies and long-time series fans.

Controls Have Been Redesigned

The transfer of Metal Slug: Awakening to mobile platforms necessitated a complete revamp of the control system. Players may move, shoot, and conduct evasive maneuvers efficiently thanks to the game’s simple touch controls, offering an exciting and fun gaming experience on smartphones and tablets.

Customization and Improvements

Metal Slug: Awakening provides a powerful personalization mechanism to keep the action new and exciting. Players may use in-game cash gained by completing tasks and challenges to enhance their characters, weapons, and vehicles. Players may customize their characters to suit their desired playstyle, allowing for more strategic preparation.

Seasonal Updates and Events

Metal Slug: Awakening keeps players involved by delivering seasonal events, regular upgrades, and numerous game types and features. These events frequently include time-limited challenges, exclusive awards, and chances to unlock special characters or goods. This changing material keeps the game interesting, encouraging players to return and take on new challenges.


Metal Slug: Awakening is a testimony to the Metal Slug series’ long heritage, a love letter to its devoted following, and a pleasant introduction for newcomers. The game is a fitting successor to the renowned brand. It’s a fascinating combination of traditional gameplay, current visuals, and unique features. It gives hours of pleasure for gamers of all ages.

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