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Metal Empire: Idle Tycoon MOD APK (Free Upgrades) 1.5.7

Metal Empire: Idle Tycoon MOD APK – Manage your Mining Factory and Became a Metal Empire Tycoon in Clicer Idle game

App NameMetal Empire: Idle Tycoon
Publisher Becube Co Ltd
MOD InfoFree Upgrades
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About Metal Empire: Idle Tycoon

As you enter the fascinating world of Metal Empire: Idle Tycoon, remember to think small yet aspire high. Your tiny mine is just the beginning; with the help of expert geologists, you will find rich veins of ore that will catapult you to the top.

Develop a Plan and Scale Up

The key to winning this idle game is careful planning as you build your metal empire. Find a group of capable managers to help you run the manufacturing so you can devote more time to making essential choices. Learn the secrets of successful mining, and you’ll be one step closer to increasing your income.

Superiority via Technological Advancement

Invest in innovative technology to ensure your company stays ahead of the curve. Research cutting-edge innovations that can help you streamline processes and boost output quality in your organization. If you commit to relentless process improvement, you can rule the market first in your area and then the world.

A Model of the Economic Cycle

Metal Empire: Idle Tycoon is a full-featured business simulation game. Manage everything from the extraction of raw resources to the distribution of completed goods. As you attempt to expand your startup into the largest manufacturing facility on the planet, your choices will determine the fate of your empire.

Interactive Fun for Everyone

The game is perfect for casual gamers and strategic thinkers. Enjoy the engaging animations and exciting 3D visuals as you go through the game’s many missions. The game’s accessibility means players of all skill levels may enjoy it.

Making One-of-a-Kind Goods

As you satisfy orders for your one-of-a-kind metal creations, you’ll enter the thrilling realm of product development. Seeing the outcomes of your strategic choices in the real world is an exciting and rewarding part of Metal Empire: Idle Tycoon.

Grow Your Domain

Open into new markets and broaden your company’s reach. Starting with a little mining company in one region, you may expand into a national and even international powerhouse. Create new alliances, sign lucrative contracts, and see your earnings grow.

The True Feeling of Doing Nothing

Metal Empire: Idle Tycoon provides a genuine idle experience, with your metal factory continuing to produce items while you aren’t playing. Adding this realism to your business experience will make you feel like your company is constantly expanding and growing.

MOD APK version of Metal Empire: Idle Tycoon

MOD feature

No Upgrade Cost For Mine
No Upgrade Cost For Stock
No Upgrade Cost For Vehicule


Metal Empire: Idle Tycoon offers an exciting and realistic environment where you may realize your ambitions of being a metal business mogul. The game’s distinctive and satisfying gameplay combines strategic decision-making, technical progress, and simulated financial cycles. Get started on this exciting adventure, mold your metal empire with savvy strategies, and watch your business expand as you rise to the top of the Metal Empire: Idle Tycoon world.

Download Metal Empire: Idle Tycoon MOD APK (Free Upgrades) 1.5.7

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