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Merge Witches MOD APK (Unlimited Diamond, Premium Lands) 4.36.0

Merge Witches MOD APK – Merge & match in puzzle games. Design home in the city to discover a calm life.

App NameMerge Witches
MOD InfoUnlimited Diamond, Premium Lands
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About Merge Witches

Merge Witches’s blend of puzzles, magic, and city-building makes for a delightful smartphone game. Enter a fascinating and tranquil sky city where cute witches previously lived. However, when wicked monsters invade the city, peace is disrupted, and the witches’ dignity is stolen. It is your destiny as a wise and brave master to use merging magic to solve problems and return peace and glory to the city.

Exposing the Secrets

Take off on an exciting adventure to save the floating metropolis from the clutches of evil. To eliminate the lousy pollution and create your ideal house, you must assemble a menagerie of cute critters to help you in your quest. Even though the baby witches are sleeping, you may unlock their full potential by hatching and combining them to create more robust companions to help you gain better prizes. Travel to new places, learn about strange animals, and write about them in your Witches Book.

Convergence of Spells and Portable Things

Merge Witches has several magical items that may be improved by combining them. Mobile vegetation such as flowers, trees, grass, bushes, and even structures may be combined, with each enhancement resulting in visually striking new forms. To achieve your ambitions of constructing a peaceful and calm living, you must acquire many artifacts as you harness your merging magic and strategically put them across the city.

Adorable Creatures and Rewarding Adventures

You’ll meet several cute creatures needing your help across this game. In exchange for carrying out their requests, they will provide unique benefits to help you in your efforts. Explore the world maps and all the tricky challenges they contain. Unlock the answers to the merge puzzles and win the city’s just rewards by dragging, merging, and matching.

Merging’s Magical Strength

The appeal of merging magic is combined with the charm of puzzle games in Merge Witches. Are you up for the task of joining the pantheon of legendary masters? The fun of finding and collecting adorable animals and fascinating things and the gratification of completing challenging puzzles are all part of the addicting merging magic experience you’re in for.

The App’s Main Attributes

  • Let loose a cornucopia of magical inventions by combining supernatural forces.
  • Over 200 adorable animals are waiting to be merged, hatched, and collected.
  • Complete over 300 thrilling puzzles and collect your prizes.
  • You may unlock more than 400 incredible items by combining them.
  • Participate in any of the 600+ optional missions for even more loot.
  • Take part in exciting challenges during special events.
  • Join the conversation by signing in with your Facebook account. 

Bringing Back to Life a City

Merge Witches’ll whisk you away to a brand-new metropolis under attack from evil forces and needs your heroic assistance. The game allows you to save the city from these evil monsters by solving riddles, uncovering hints, and using various items. You’ll acquire power, meet beautiful witches, and see the city teeming with new life as you explore it.

Casting Out the Creatures

Now that you know the stakes, you must defend yourself against the creatures’ brutal assault. You may learn about the most valuable tactics by completing problems and bringing together plants of the same kind. You’ll get unique energy—helpful in fighting enemies and defending the city—for every puzzle you complete. The witches will show you the way to places of power, where you can harness the energy of giant beasts and use their bulk to your advantage. When you defeat the creatures, doors will open at Merge Witches.

City Management and Restoration

Your courageous actions have restored faith among the witches, and the city is safe from the monsters once more. They’ve trusted you to fix the city’s previous beauty via careful management and nurture. As the city’s caretaker, you oversee construction, train the witches, and aid in the city’s revival.

There are benefits and drawbacks to serving as a municipal manager. You’ll get to command the city’s police force, and by doing your job well, you’ll unlock rewards and puzzles. You’ll get access to more tools and features to help you manage your city and make it better as you go.

With the app’s help, you may build a thriving, modern metropolis from the ground up. Your position will take on new meaning as you help these aspiring young witches realize their ambitions when they join your coven. Experience the city’s development as you use your merging magic, caring character, and intelligent mind to build a place where everyone may thrive.

MOD APK version of Merge Witches

MOD feature

Unlimited Diamond, Premium Lands


In Merge Witches, you’ll be drawn into a fascinating setting where city-building, magic, and puzzle-solving all come together. Play the part of a courageous master on a mission to bring peace and glory back to the sky city. With merging magic, you may design your house, acquire cute critters, and create a peaceful and prosperous society.

Download Merge Witches MOD APK (Unlimited Diamond, Premium Lands) 4.36.0

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