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Merge Rune MOD APK (God Mode) 2.9

Merge Rune MOD APK – The story of the rune wizard

App NameMerge Rune
Publisher ZENAAD
MOD InfoGod Mode
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About Merge Rune

Merge Rune is a magical mobile game that takes players to a world full of slimes where they must use the magic of runes to defeat them. In this exciting story, a young mage and her loyal cat friend go on a quest to save a cat the Slime King has taken. With the help of magical stones and the ability to count from A to Z, players must lead the witch through tough fights and find out what she is capable of. Get ready to get lost in the fascinating world of Merge Rune, where the fate of the mage and her beloved pet is in the balance.

Runes can be used to do magic

In this game, players take on the part of the witch and use a robust staff to call forth fireballs. To improve her skills, she must find unique stones and combine them to make more substantial and impressive runes. Players can create a new, more potent rune by combining two similar magic runes. This unique part of the game adds a strategic element since players have to think about when to give the mage these power stones. To beat the game’s tasks and eliminate the slimes, you need to be a master of time and resource management.

A Dangerous Fight

The army of the Slime King is a big problem for the young mage and her cat friend. Players must get past many minions, each more innovative and robust than the last, to win. As the mage takes care of her runes, she must be careful not to lose herself in the quest for perfection because time is running out. She needs to have a sharp eye, quick fingers, and a plan to kill enemies with her power quickly. The fate of the cat who was taken hostage is up to the mage, and she can only win if she uses the full force of the Merge Rune.

Enhancements and relics with a lot of power

The growth system in this game is fun and lets players get enchanted stones and unlock magical items. These relics give the witch helpful boosts to her essential stats, like her health, ability to heal, and the power of her fireballs. By opening enchanted sacks and mixing runes, players can make strong explosions that wipe out enemies and help the mage on her noble goal. With each new level, you get a new bag of unique stones, which lets you do even more impressive magic tricks.

An Engaging Gameplay Experience

Merge Rune stands out among mobile games because of how fun it is to play. Players can unlock the power of magical sacks with level-one runes using the sphere of charm. Players can make higher-level, more powerful runes by smartly combining these runes. The mighty power of these runes lets the mage kill enemies with an efficiency that can’t be beaten. But players must be careful because the blast that happens can also hurt the mage if she is nearby.

Make your way to success

The game lets players improve their magic by using slime gold to buy attack stones from the game’s shop. You can trade this currency, which you get from fights and achievements, for powerful attack stones that give you an edge against the Slime King’s troops. By carefully choosing suitable attack stones, the mage can improve their offensive skills, giving them a better chance of winning fights.

MOD APK version of Merge Rune

MOD feature

God Mode


Merge Rune pulls players into a magical world where the fate of a brave witch and her loyal cat friend is in the balance. Players can help the mage beat the relentless slimes and save her stolen cat by smartly combining runes and choosing attack stones carefully. The game is fun and addicting for people who like a mix of strategy and action. It has unique ways to play, beautiful graphics, and a story that keeps you interested. Jump into the world of Merge Rune and use magic to defeat the Slime King and bring peace back to the land.

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