Maze: Shadow of Light APK V1.0.4- The latest ARPG game

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Maze Shadow of Light 3


  • Publisher: AwesomePig
  • Platforms: Android+ iOS+
  • Price: FREE
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 60MB
  • Latest Version: 1.0.4
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: April 19, 2018

Today ApkMod will introduce you to a new role-playing game extremely attractive named Maze: Shadow of Light. The new game was released on April 17 by AwesomePig and Android support is free. Maze: Shadow of Light is an action role-playing game built with attractive gameplay and fierce battles, through the extremely intense 3D graphics. It is known that the game has just launched a trial version via the Google Play store for Android users, but only in certain areas. Let’s take a look at ApkMod’s review and see what the game looks like and how to download the game.

Maze Shadow of Light 1

Maze: Shadow of Light – The latest ARPG game

Maze: Shadow of Light is an Action RPG with a top-down perspective like the MOBA games. Coming to the game, the player will enter a magical world with countless creatures that only appear in the myths and enchantments. Similar to other games of the same genre, Maze: Shadow of Light gives players extremely bloody battles and a fascinating storyline with unexpected plot twists throughout the game.

Maze Shadow of Light 3

Dramatic action gameplay

The game was developed in the same way as other genres with the main modes are story-based and real-time PvP. With the plot mode, players will be able to play through different levels of difficulty and challenge. Each time you conquer a challenge or overcome some obstacles, you will be able to collect items, materials as well as weapons and accessories to help increase your character’s combat ability. At the same time, players will gain experience after each match to win to boost their character.

Maze Shadow of Light 4

Fierce PvP Arena

The most notable impression of Maze: Shadow of Light is probably the arena’s real-time combat mechanism which allows players to directly confront each other and show up their skills and abilities to be able to beat up the opponents in the fastest way. In addition, you can also actively seek out a guild or set up an association and recruit players from all over the world. Look for strong teammates, gather together to conquer new lands, or destroy powerful monsters.

Maze Shadow of Light 2

Graphics and sound

In addition, the graphics of the Maze: Shadow of Light is also one of the factors that impress players when participating in the game for the first time. Using a 3D graphics platform with animated design and bright colors, this game gives players a great gaming experience. The sound system is also meticulously cared for, featuring the voice of the character at every gesture, action or use of skills.


We can say that the game Maze: Shadow of Light is perfectly completed, from the action game attractive to the sharp 3D graphics that are invested meticulously. With Maze: Shadow of Light, you will definitely have a great time when the survival of the game is too boring. You can make friends with players around the world or experience the game with your friends through the Maze: Shadow of Light. Finally, you can download the game with the appropriate link below of ApkMod to download the game Maze: Shadow of Light about the experience

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