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Combining the gameplay of many games together will create the diversity for the game. And many producers have succeeded with this new type of game. Today ApkMod will introduce you to a new role-playing game that combines a variety of different gameplay, it’s called Mayhem Combat – Fighting Game. This game was developed and released by Vivid Games a few days ago. Before the release, the Mayhem Combat – Fighting Game was available for pre-registration via Google Play and AppStore, but now players are able to officially experience it with the full version.

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Mayhem Combat – Fighting Game: Diverse RPG

The gameplay

About the gameplay, Mayhem Combat, overall, is a fighting game, but the first impression is that it combines some of the ideas of the most popular games today. There is a bit of Battle Royale, Smash Bros’ element, even some of the images in the game Clash Royale. From there, the game Mayhem Combat – Fighting Game brings a unique gameplay, which has never been seen in any other game.

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At the main multiplayer mode of the game Mayhem Combat – Fighting Game, your goal is to become the last survivor. You can do that by picking characters, equipping them with weapons and entering the closed 2D arena in the game. In this arena, you have the option to play 1vs1 with the bot or with other players. Another mode of play that is also preferred by players is the team-based three-player game. The loser will have to step back and be replaced by his teammates to continue playing until a team has no more player to fight.

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Method of control

The control method of Mayhem Combat is quite simple. It only includes the buttons to jump, dodge or attack. However, after a period of time, you can use the technique that is next to the attack button. Each character will have different moves that you can explore during the game. Of course, the skills of the character will have its own pros and cons, which can be counted against each other.

Weapon system

Besides the special skills, you can also equip your character with new weapons to get more strength. The collection of the game has up to 100 skills, as well as countless weapons and characters to customize your playing style. Each weapon also has its own strengths and weaknesses that you need to capture.

Download Mayhem Combat – Fighting Game

In terms of graphics, the game Mayhem Combat – Fighting Game only has the normal 2D graphics which is quite simple. However, this game is attractive because of the great addictive gameplay. Overall, the game Mayhem Combat – Fighting Game is an impressive game that totally worths the experience. If you like the Mayhem Combat – Fighting Game, you can download it from the link below to experience it.

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