Download MASS FOR THE DEAD APK v1.6.1 by Exys for Android

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  • Publisher: Exys Inc.
  • Platforms: Android 5.1+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 59M
  • Latest Version: 1.6.1
  • MOD Features: NO
  • Date Updated: March 26, 2019

Review MASS FOR THE DEAD – New RPG of Exys Inc

MASS FOR THE DEAD is a new role-playing game from the publisher Exys Inc, who has recently released the official version of this game on February 21. And it’s now just available on Google Play for Android devices. You had probably already known, MASS FOR THE DEAD has been introduced since 2018 as Overlord: Mass For The Dead. In the past, Exys has allowed players to pre-register this game.


Up to the time of the game’s release, MASS FOR THE DEAD has received more than 500 thousand entries from players all over the world. As announced, the publisher will have many gifts to players with at least 1000 Chaos Stones or more. So gamers who have previously registered will receive this attractive gift when logging into the game. That’s why immediately after its release, players have massively looked for this game title, the keyword MASS FOR THE DEAD was searched so much these days.

Content of the game

Accordingly MASS FOR THE DEAD will be a role-playing game, developed based on the popular Japanese animated series Overlord. Recalling a bit about Overlord, this is a Japanese light novel written by Maruyama Kugane and illustrated by so-bin. In November 2014, this fascinating content was adapted into a manga by the artist Miyama Hugin. Madhouse’s long anime adaptation was later released on July 7, 2015. All versions of the Overlord adaptations received the great attention of audiences worldwide. And MASS FOR THE DEAD will rely on the storyline as well as the characters system in Overlord to develop into a role-playing game.


MASS FOR THE DEAD’s story follows the story of Overlord when it brings players to the future in 2138. At this time, science and technology thrive, in which the virtual reality game industry is the most popular. The story begins at Yggdrasil, a cult online game about to be closed. The main character of the game, Momonga, stayed in his long-sticking game and waited for the server to be down. But an unexpected thing happened, the server was not shut down and Momonga was stuck in his own character and teleported to another world. And he will have to start the journey of new world domination when there is nothing in his hand, not even his friends.


Turn-based role-playing gameplay

In terms of gameplay, MASS FOR THE DEAD game is developed in familiar turn-based gameplay. Participating in the game, the player will choose for themselves a character and join the team to participate in the battle. You will have up to 4 players at the same time so that you can work with your friends to fight the enemy together. The game will have an auto-battle mode so that players do not need to constantly control the character to fight, along with a mode called Double Speed so that the battle is faster and more dramatic. Therefore, you do not need too much role-playing game skills but still be able to experience the game. In any role-playing game, it requires a tactical element, and so does MASS FOR THE DEAD. You need to have the right strategy with your teammates


The system of characters in the game is very diverse, all of which are familiar characters in the Overlord (light novel) brand, so you will feel like you are lost in Overlord’s world. Accordingly, each character will have different skills and fighting styles that players need to study.

Vivid 3D graphics

Not only does MASS FOR THE DEAD give players an interesting turn-based role-playing gameplay, but also has an impressive 3D graphics background. The producer focused very much on developing images to impress players right from the first time they enter the game. With crisp 3D image quality, players who experience the game will feel like watching the anime Overlord with their own content. Overall, graphics are also the strong point of MASS FOR THE DEAD.


After a long time letting players wait, MASS FOR THE DEAD was officially released, players can experience a great RPG. If you are an Overlord fan, then you should not miss this game. And below will be the game download link for you to choose to download to your device. Enjoy it!

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