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The superheroes have been gathered to prepare for the thrilling battles in the MARVEL SNAP card game. This game brings a new perspective on the Marvel multiverse, helping you to approach legendary characters with unique missions.


The cooperation between Second Dinner, Nuverse, and Marvel Entertainment has led to the release of Marvel Snap. This fun card game gives you a new perspective and experience of the Marvel multiverse. All superhero characters are packed into unique cards. The pace of matches in the game is also accelerated to increase the tension when participating. It is not like the card games you have played. The producer has tried to please even demanding players while ensuring ease for new players. So whoever and what level you are, you can especially enjoy the Marvel world in this game.

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Building a powerful team of heroes and beating other opponents is what you need to do in MARVEL SNAP. The game allows you to own and access all 12-card decks. You must perform the required missions to collect hero cards from the list of heroes and villains. There is no limit to how to collect and build superhero squads. The more quests you complete and the more battles you win, the more cards you will collect.

Each card has different attack and defense stats. Depending on the properties of the superhero, each card will have moves representing the superhero’s strength. To win the game, you must strategize quickly to capture three areas in the match. The player who successfully occupies the first three areas will be the winner.

Plan carefully for the 3-minute match

Each encounter in MARVEL SNAP lasts an average of 3 minutes. Cards will automatically compare strength against each other based on your arrangement. It would help if you tried to strategize and choose the cards wisely to get the highest rankings with your favorite Marvel characters. Try to find the best combination of hero and villain to have an advantage in the game. The combination of their powers will help you create advantageous attacks. The game time is limited, so if you are not fast, the opponent will take over the areas and make you a loser.

150 superhero character cards

You can use the corresponding number of characters and cards in MARVEL SNAP up to 150. It combines classic hero characters from Marvel’s 80s to recently released ones. You will meet Captain America, Moon Girl, Klaw, Spiderman, Lizard, Hulk, etc. These cards are detailed and designed with high artistic value. The effects associated with the character’s actions in the card add to the game’s appeal. In particular, you can upgrade the level of these cards to increase the power of the hero. The higher the card level, the greater the chance of defeating the opponent’s card.

Collection of variations of superheroes

You get access to Marvel’s entire character card universe with continuous new variations in MARVEL SNAP. They are introduced every month and help you to expand your hero collection. Depending on the hero’s design and strength, they will have different variations. For example, you can find four different variations of Starlord, including the pixel version of the character. Some chibi versions or upgraded costumes of other superheroes also make a big impression. The rarer the variations are, the greater the power of the heroes. Collecting these variations allows you to expand your superhero collection and get more battle strategy options.

Unique and constantly swapped-out locations

That’s right, with more than 50 different constantly swapped-out locations, you won’t be fighting in repeating locations. It would help if you were constantly prepared for changes because you cannot guess what your terrain will be. Each battle will take place in 3 locations with different designs. These locations are randomly selected and affect the local area of the match.

The results of the match will vary quite a bit depending on these random locations. For example, The Space Throne allows the player to use only one card while fighting here; Sokovia limits the number of cards you can use, etc. The random requirements in these match locations require you to update superhero cards’ level and power constantly. Try to level up the cards to increase responsiveness when fighting in different locations.

Impressive graphics and excellent sound

You will be amazed by the effect and impression of the superhero cards that MARVEL SNAP brings. It is carefully designed with details that showcase the hidden strength of the heroes. Every time they fight an opponent, the effects are pushed high with massive lightning, tornado, fire, ice, or the snap of Thanos. Besides, the sound in the game is a significant investment. Each time the hero’s action is a different sound like you are watching an action movie. It surprises you and excites you.


MOD info

MARVEL SNAP MOD APK does not currently exist. The game is in beta and not available on the Play Store yet. You can install it for free here. We will update the mod version of the game as soon as it is available.

How to install

MARVEL SNAP’s installer comes in APKS format. So you need to follow the instructions below to install it:

  1. Download the marvel-snap-v1.0.5.b105.apks file that we provide below
  2. Make sure that the SAI (Split APKs Installer) app is installed on your device.
  3. Open SAI (Split APKs Installer), and browse to the downloaded APKs file.
  4. Wait for the installation to complete.


MARVEL SNAP is a blockbuster card game about the Marvel universe that you cannot ignore. Download this game now and enjoy the extraordinary superhero world with thrilling battles. Also, you will be amazed at this game’s visual and sound effects.

Download MARVEL SNAP MOD APK (NO) 24.20.4

  • We have tested all mods. Please read the installation instructions carefully for everything to work correctly.
  • Flagging in AntiVirus Apps/VirusTotal because of Removal of Original App Protection. Just Chill & Enjoy, It’s not a Virus.
  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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