Mantis Gamepad Pro Beta
Mantis Gamepad Pro Beta

Mantis Gamepad Pro Beta MOD APK (PRO Unlocked)

Mantis Gamepad Pro: The Ultimate Android Gamepad Keymapper App

App NameMantis Gamepad Pro Beta
Publisher NeuralMonkey Digital Ventures
Require7.0 and up
MOD InfoPRO Unlocked
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About Mantis Gamepad Pro Beta

Mantis Gamepad Pro is the most up-to-date and secure keymapper software for Android gaming controllers. Thanks to Universal Touch Mapping, any Android game may now be played with a gaming controller. Mantis is a must-have for everyone who wants to improve their mobile gaming experience because of its safety, strength, and user-friendliness. Mantis’s zero-dollar price tag is great news for anybody who wants to use a gamepad or keyboard and mouse to play various games.

Mantis Gamepad Pro Beta mod apk

Universal Touch Mapping

Mantis Gamepad Pro provides a revolutionary technique called Universal Touch Mapping, which allows users to play any Android game using a gaming controller. Android users can now enjoy console-quality gaming on the go thanks to this feature’s ability to transfer controls from a game controller to any game. Some popular Android games are Apex Legends, Genshin Impact, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, CODM, World War Heroes, Pokemon Unite, Wild Rift, and Mobile Legends which have been used to ensure that Mantis provides the greatest possible gaming experience for its customers.

On-Device Activation – No-PC Required

Mantis Gamepad Pro may quickly and easily launch the Buddy Service on-device using Wifi Debugging. This function allows Mantis Gamepad Pro to be activated without requiring a personal computer. Its convenience allows customers to reap Mantis Gamepad Pro’s benefits with minimal effort.

Ban-Safe Gaming

Mantis Gamepad Pro operates without the need to clone apps and instead uses a patented peripheral mapping technique. Users may play their favorite games without worrying about their personal information or Google accounts being compromised thanks to this technology.

Excellent Multi-Tasking with Games or Apps

One of Mantis Gamepad Pro’s strongest points is its capacity for simultaneous usage of many applications or profiles without requiring the user to restart the system. No matter what the user does with the gamepad, Mantis can automatically optimize the overlay feature to unleash its full power. Users may concentrate fully on their games without being bothered by any other elements.


Users may make unique Touch Mappings for each phase of the game with Phases. Such are driving, movement, using a parachute, and so on. By letting players adjust settings to their liking, this function expands Mantis Gamepad Pro’s usefulness as a gaming tool.

MOBA Smart Cast Support

Users may now map Smart Cast Buttons with a Gamepad Button and a ThumbStick using the MOBA Smart Cast Functionality. Fans of multiplayer online battle arena games will appreciate how simple it is to utilize a controller with this feature.

Sequence Buttons

Users can assign the same Gamepad Button to many locations on the Screen using Sequence Buttons, and each touch will be recorded independently. This flexibility makes Mantis Gamepad Pro a very useful gaming tool, allowing players to tailor their gaming experience to their specific tastes.

Separate X-Y Axis Sensitivity

Mantis Gamepad Pro allows players to independently adjust the Thumbsticks’ Vertical and Horizontal Sensitivity for greater personalization. This is a great addition for shooters, where pinpoint controls are important.

Incredible DPAD Support

Mantis Gamepad Pro makes the DPAD function similarly to a ThumbStick. You will appreciate this function if your gamepad does not have actual ThumbSticks. Mantis Gamepad Pro may also be used with an 8-Way DPAD as buttons further expand the controller’s usefulness.

Smart Resume

Users can take a break from gaming anytime and return to the Overlay waiting on Mantis Gamepad Pro. This function allows players to move between games without losing their progress, letting them play their favorite games without any interruptions.

Dark Theme

Mantis Gamepad Pro’s sleek design and impressive dark aesthetic provide the ideal atmosphere for gaming while remaining intuitive throughout. The app’s dark tone makes it simple for players to find their way around, guaranteeing that they may fine-tune their gaming experience as they see fit.

Great Gamepad Compatibility

Xbox, PlayStation, Razer, iPega, GameSir, Logitech, and many more gamepads are all supported by Mantis Gamepad Pro on Android. Thanks to this functionality, users may play their favorite games with the convenience of using their favorite gaming controller.


To play any game on Android with a gamepad, get Mantis Gamepad Pro, the best Android gamepad key mapper software with unrivaled customization capabilities. With Universal Touch Mapping, users can have a mobile gaming experience on par with a home console, with the added security of not worrying about their personal information or Google accounts being compromised. Thanks to its outstanding multitasking capabilities, adjustable settings, and various additional features, Mantis Gamepad Pro is an essential tool for Android gamers wishing to improve their gaming experience.

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