Manhunt 2 APK 1.0

App NameManhunt 2
Publisher Rockstar Games
Require6.0 and up


On a rainy night, mayhem erupted within the strange walls of Dixmor Asylum, where the Criminally Insane were confined. The security system malfunctioned, and the prisoners took advantage of the chance to escape their cells. Daniel Lamb and Leo Kasper were the fugitives who fled into the night, leaving the chaos behind.

Daniel struggled to comprehend his surroundings since his memory was blank. But Leo served as his guide, revealing the path to Daniel’s forgotten memories. Nevertheless, what they discovered in the depths of his history was more terrible than imagined.

As they traveled through the darkness, mysterious Project agents and vicious bounty hunters followed their every move. They were determined to apprehend Daniel, whose ties to the organization were more profound than he had anticipated.

The two fugitives were engaged in a dangerous game of cat and mouse. To survive, they had to adopt every available strategy, even harsh tactics. As the stakes increased, Daniel was compelled to solve the mystery of the search, even if it meant facing his history and addressing his darkest secrets.


In Manhunt 2, the gameplay is akin to its predecessor’s, with an array of new features sprinkled throughout its landscape. Among these, the player can surmount low walls and objects, shatter lights to produce an environment rife with darkness, and even scuttle beneath fences, tunnels, and air vents.

Much like its forerunner, Manhunt 2 encourages players to skulk in the shadows while viciously dispatching unsuspecting foes. The player can bide their time, remaining undetected, but should a hunter begin to sense something amiss; the player must manipulate their character’s breath and heartbeat (the method varies between different versions). To take out enemies, the player can lure them into an ambush or divide and conquer, picking them off individually. In a novel twist, deaf hunters are illustrated as blue arrows and impervious to the player’s noise-making efforts. They are preoccupied with harmonious musical tones or machinery clanging.

Game Features

Manhunt 2’s gameplay strongly emphasizes stealth techniques, where players slip past foes and avoid being seen. Yet as the game goes on, guns are made available, and the action turns more and more toward third-person shooting elements. Players must use cover, movements, and stealth to participate in gunplay.

Several degrees of awareness enables players to carry out stealth kills from the shadows, and a radar system is available to aid in tracking opponent movements. Players can distract foes by throwing things or making noises with their USB headsets to distract them from their teammates.

Players must finish a brief mini-game to stay undetected while lurking in the shadows. Failure to do so quickly betrays the player’s location.

Players can select one of three execution techniques in the game, including Gruesome (red), Hasty (white), and Brutal (yellow) (red). Graphic acts of violence, including beatings, strangulations, gunfire, and lighting foes on fire, are used in these executions. Nevertheless, blacked-out scenes or the camera moving away censor some of these killings. Players in the Wii version use the Wiimote and Nunchuk to imitate the gestures necessary for a kill.

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