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  • Publisher: NetEase
  • Platforms: Android+ iOS+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 36MB (APK), 87MB (OBB)
  • Latest Version: 2.0
  • MOD Features:
  • Date Updated: December 7, 2018

Introducing Mage Supreme – NetEase’s vertical-screen survival game

As we have repeatedly asserted that NetEase is the most successful mobile game developer today with so many popular titles as Rules Of Survival, Knives Out, Cyber Hunter, or some upcoming survival games like The Day After TomorrowCyber HunterQuantum Special Attack, or Operation Stormy Island, etc. We can see that they have a lot of survival games for mobile to release in the near future.

Mage Supreme netease 1

Previously, we have known NetEase as a copy-developer who always bases on other popular survival games such as PUBG, Fortnite to develop their new game. But recently they have proved that they are the world’s leading developer when releasing more survival games with completely new style, unique features that are unlike any other game.

And recently, NetEase continues to bring a new mobile survival game called Mage Supreme. Now that the game is in the beta testing phase, you can only play the game via the link at the bottom of this article. But firstly, we will find out what the game has.

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The survival gameplay is refreshed

About the content, Mage Supreme still has the familiar survival style, where the fierce battlefield takes place to find out the last survivors of the war. However, the game Mage Supreme APK will have a lot of new features to make a big difference compared to the existing survival games. The first and most recognizable feature is that the game is designed in a vertical screen rather than a horizontal one, giving a whole new perspective for players. Entering the game, all players will also begin to collect weapons, equipment, blood, bunnies, and fight with other players to become the winner.

There are only 20 players in the game so the gameplay will be pretty fast. Therefore, players need to quickly collect weapons to fight, otherwise, they will be killed by other players in a moment. Another strange point in the Mage Supreme is that players do not have to parachute on the map that you can choose any location yourself to appear.

After arriving at the teleport site, the player begins collecting his familiar items. Each character will have four function boxes, one to place the main weapon and the other three to leave other skills. These skills are not automatically available and players must pick up to possess them. And so does the weapon. When fighting, if you want to use weapons or attack skills, click on the location of the function. Be noted that all skills have the freeze time that you cannot use, so pay attention to make use of them. Also, the playzone in the game will not be a regular circle but rather a hex.

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In general, the game Mage Supreme brings a rather new style for players to choose the mode of fighting by both weapon and physical skills. And with the fast pace of the game of 20 players, the game will end pretty quickly without taking too much time. So this game is suitable for those who do not have much free time and still want to play this fascinating survival game.

Funny graphics

Mage Supreme will not follow the realistic graphics but it will be a 3D graphics in a funny cartoon style. But still, it is the 3D image so the game display is very sharp and eye-catching. The character system is fairly simple, not as detailed as the previous survival games of NetEase. The map system is well invested with extremely diverse obstacles, trees, buildings … It’s promised to create many interesting situations for the player.

Download Mage Supreme APK

Overall, Mage Supreme APK is a new survival game in terms of graphics as well as gameplay, but it is not so impressive compared to the previous games that NetEase has released before. Anyway, Mage Supreme will still be a thrilling and rewarding survival game. The game is currently under trial so you can play Mage Supreme via the link below. And the official version’s release time is not clear, ApkMazon will update as soon as Mage Supreme is released.

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