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Luminous MOD APK (Not available) 8.6

Luminous MOD APK – The Material White Skin for Poweramp 3

App NameLuminous
Publisher Mixified Pixel
Size3 MB
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About Luminous

We want to introduce you to Luminous, a material white skin for Poweramp 3 that may take your music player to a new level of beauty, simplicity, and transparency. Luminous was made with Android 12 in mind and beyond, and it works in harmony with the Material You design language to create an oasis of calm in the otherwise chaotic world of music applications.

The Shining Option for Fans of White User Interfaces

The app shines in contrast to its white interface rivals, Aurora and Luminous Black. For those who seek calm in the middle of chaos, it offers a variety of white backgrounds, from the calming soft to the stunning pastel.

The Channel for Your Customization Fun

The program hides a world of customization secrets for you to explore. 36 vivid accent colors, 17 relaxing backdrop colors, and three-player UI layouts are available. Implement track title alignment, album art blur background and overlay, and background transparency and opacity in your player’s user interface. Customize the look of Poweramp to reflect your individuality by playing around with the app’s many icons, font, and transparency settings.

Dive Into the Finest Library Has to Offer

The app offers an advanced library layout that places power in the hands of its customers. Enjoy customizable navigation themes, several player interface backdrops, and a translucent navigation bar. Luminous makes it fun and easy to explore your extensive music collection.

The App gives you the keys to your musical experience

The program provides its customers with various player settings, improving their audio experience. Discover Pro buttons, editable wave bars, and a variety of styles and colors to enhance your listening experience. This app puts you in charge of your tunes in more ways than one, including a straightforward seek bar interface.

Express Yourself with Personalized Icons

Luminous is a significant step forward in the evolution of icon customization. You may modify the sizes, shapes, colors, corner radii, and styles of the icons in your library. Your music player will look as lovely as it sounds with the app.

A Safe Space for Words

English, Indonesian, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Russian, Japanese, and Spanish are just some of the languages Luminous supports to honor and promote diversity. This program welcomes you into its unique, musically charmed world wherever you may be.

Maximizing Poweramp with the App

Poweramp is a fantastic music player but has a few drawbacks. The all-black user interface and tiny buttons might be underwhelming at first glance. Here comes this app, a skin that completely modifies Poweramp for the better. The program injects Poweramp with many gorgeous user interfaces, making music listening a visual treat.

Use the app to alter your Poweramp experience completely

While Poweramp is excellent for casual music listening, the app opens up a new universe of possibilities for creating a unique listening experience. Use the full potential of your music player to give voice to your wildest dreams. When you use Luminous, you do more than listen to music; you immerse yourself in it. Use the Poweramp as a blank slate to unleash your inner artist and create a musical experience to remember.

A Developer’s Note on Bringing Poweramp to Life

As a lone developer, I aim to provide you with the highest quality Poweramp skin on the Play Store. Mixified Pixel is more than just a business to me; it’s a promise to keep providing excellent service and new features for as long as possible. This dedication is reflected in the success of this app.

The App for Making Your Poweramp Experience Louder

Luminous stands out from the competition because of the unique ways it improves the Poweramp experience. With this app, you have complete control over the Poweramp user interface and can completely transform the appearance of your go-to music player.

Let Your Imagination Run Wild With the App’s Modifiable Features

The ability to change the app’s settings completely transforms how Poweramp is used. You may choose from 36 different accent colors and 17 different background colors to completely change the look of the image. You may also customize the face players interface’s look to suit your preferences. Poweramp may be adjusted to suit any taste, thanks to this app’s emphasis on personalization.

Making Your Icons

The use of icons dramatically enhances the design and functionality of an app. The program is aware of this, so they provide several icon sets for use in places like the library, the navigation bar, the control panel, and more. You may change any symbol’s size, shape, and color to suit your needs. Because of this special care, Luminous is a standout among other music applications and a perfect complement to Poweramp.

Submerge Yourself in a Chorus of Typefaces

Any on-screen text may be reinterpreted with the help of the app. You may play around with 28 different fonts in different colors, sizes, and case sensitivity options. The album art, track listing, and song titles have never looked better.

A Tribute to Audiophiles

If you’re a fan of music, you need the app. Support for various languages and many personalization options elevate it beyond the ordinary. Listen to music with custom graphics that suit your taste. With Luminous, you may create your musical adventure with the songs you love.

The App Commitment: Quality and Consistency

Mixified Pixel, the developer behind the app, is dedicated to releasing high-quality software compatible with the most recent Poweramp updates. Although this app may not work on Huawei devices running Android 7.0, it is fully compatible with all subsequent versions of Android.

Beyond the Surface

Luminous is more than just a skin for Poweramp; it’s a paradigm shift in how you experience and control your music library. It builds on Poweramp’s foundation to deliver an enhanced music listening experience that is unique and aesthetically beautiful. You’re not just tweaking an interface while using this program; you’re creating an individual musical reflection of yourself.

MOD APK version of Luminous

MOD feature

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When the extraordinary is within your reach, why settle for the mundane? Luminous MOD APK will take your Poweramp experience to new heights. Get the download now for a unique, amazing musical experience. Stunning, hassle-free, and pleasant musical experiences are at your fingertips with the app. Get the Luminous MOD APK now and use your music player as a blank slate for your imagination. The app will transform your listening experience into a masterpiece.

Download Luminous MOD APK (Not available) 8.6

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