Listening Japanese, Chinese an
Listening Japanese, Chinese an

Listening Japanese, Chinese an MOD APK (Premium Unlocked) 3.76

Shadowing, voice recording, video with subtitles

App NameListening Japanese, Chinese an
Publisher Language Skills Studio
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About Voiky

Do you aspire to be able to communicate in more than one language? Do you feel you are squandering your time by studying communication skills through conventional means? Voiky is the app you need to download immediately if you answered yes to any of these questions. You may improve your hearing and speaking abilities in Japanese, Chinese, and English, all with the help of a single app by downloading Voiky.

HD Videos for Better Listening and Speaking Skills

HD video lessons in Japanese, English, and Chinese are at your disposal with Voiky, which may also help you improve your listening skills. You may get a well-rounded education in hearing and speaking by practicing shadowing Japanese and studying video Japanese with a Japanese voice. You may also listen to and talk in Japanese, Chinese, and English with shadowing, voice recording, subtitles, and games. You will be lured in and progressively enhance your listening, speaking, and communication abilities when you watch exciting and engaging videos.

Exercise your Japanese listening and speaking skills

With Voiky, you may improve your listening comprehension of Japanese at any level. Listen to Japanese N5, N4, N3, N2, and N1 repeatedly to improve your listening skills. The films are divided into various categories, with themes ranging from simple to complex. Use filters to locate movies that quickly fit your needs and interests.

Exercise Your Japanese Speaking Skills

The shadowing feature is quite productive and helps save a significant amount of time. Voiky has completed this task on your behalf, saving you the time and energy that would have been spent searching for speaking materials and recording equipment. Study Japanese communication daily and practice listening to and speaking Japanese communication, thanks to the audio recording capability in this app. Your pronunciation and intonation will drastically improve because you can instantaneously record and replay what you’ve heard. With Voiky, you can perfect your native-like Japanese speaking skills.

Conquer Japanese Listening

Voiky provides you with entertaining movies that come with both subtitles and translations to help you master Japanese listening. You may experience listening to Japanese online and offline by watching movies, watching cartoons, and listening to songs. You may develop your Japanese language abilities by shadowing Japanese, listening to and speaking Japanese with a Japanese voice, learning video Japanese, and engaging in Japanese communication tasks. All of these activities will benefit you.

Exercise your Chinese language listening and speaking skills

Voiky is ideal for anyone who wishes to study Chinese communication, practice listening to and speaking Mandarin at home efficiently, and may benefit from doing so with Voiky. The films on Voiky cover various subjects, such as academics, popular culture, musical genres, current events, and more. It is appropriate for all levels of Chinese learners, from those just beginning their studies to those more advanced.

Exercise your English listening and speaking skills

Voiky provides video lessons for improving your English listening and speaking skills. You may train your English reflexes by doing exercises, which is crucial in enhancing your ability to communicate effectively in English. Voiky provides users with an efficient English listening and speaking approach that might end feelings of lethargy. Memory is jogged, and interest in the subject matter increases through the video’s vivid graphics. Learning through video with a pace that can be adjusted is analogous to how a toddler first learns language. You will be able to study and practice right away with the powerful words that you have saved.

The Contemporary Method of Education

The publisher came up with the idea for the app called Voiky, which motivates users to study and does not tire users like more conventional language acquisition methods do. With traditional forms of education, we are responsible for locating and compiling the necessary resources. Learners of languages do not need to spend excessive time searching for additional help because Voiky has built and assembled the courses of languages into an app.

Many Alternatives for Learning New Languages

Voiky is an app built by the publisher and is available in Japanese, Chinese, and English. Learners of each language have access to their unique films, audio files, and games, which is a benefit that alleviates some of the stress associated with studying in a single mode for an extended period. Learners will be able to stay up with words they cannot hear or do not keep up with thanks to the videos of the articles, which will each have their subtitles underneath. This will make it simpler for learners to picture the content and retain it for longer.

Free to Release

The fact that Voiky may be distributed on the Android platform without cost makes it available to anybody and everyone. Every user prefers to use a free app rather than a paid app, which reflects consumers’ preferences. But, there will be more advertisements in this app. You will have to pay a modest amount, neither tiny nor enormous, to enjoy the upgrade without ads and have some other high-end features if you want to use the app to its maximum extent. Voiky also provides more extended possibilities to utilize the app to its fullest extent.


The software Voiky is designed for students who want to experience learning a foreign language to gain information and inspiration while also wanting to have fun and avoid becoming dull learners. The program has a pleasing design, just the right amount of data to pique your interest in learning, and a level of ease that does not cause you to feel unduly stressed while gaining new knowledge. You may acquire Japanese, Chinese, and English communication skills quickly and effortlessly with Voiky by watching fascinating videos and participating in shadowing activities. The app’s cutting-edge teaching methodology and extensive selection of language-study choices render it available to users of all ages and backgrounds. Also, no cost is associated with releasing it on the Android platform. Try Voiky to enhance your ability to communicate in Japanese, Chinese, or English.

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