Lineage II: Dark Legacy APK for Android- NCSoft's super hit RPG

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Lineage is an extremely popular and well-known game brand developed by NCSoft. Not long ago, a Lineage extra story version was released as the Lineage II Revolution for mobile. Immediately after being released, this version has created a huge trend in the game community around the world like the original PC version.

Lineage II Dark Legacy 1

And NCSoft has just released another mobile version of Lineage called Lineage II: Dark Legacy. This new version was released a few days ago. And the special thing is that they have not announced in advance that there will be another version of Lineage II mobile. So let’s find out what version of Lineage II: Dark Legacy has and how to download it right now!

Lineage II: Dark Legacy – NCSoft’s super hit RPG

The game content

Lineage II: Dark Legacy will take on another aspect of the Lineage series. The free MMORPG elements are an important part of the original Lineage gameplay. But in this new version, the Revolution will be removed and replaced by the team-mates. As for the visual style, the character in Lineage II version: Dark Legacy is still the same style as the previous generation.

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The card gameplay

The game Lineage II: Dark Legacy possesses a role-playing gameplay with the card game style. Getting involved in the game, players can create a team of four heroes (in the big heroic collection of the Lineage) and adventure all over the land to fight and show up the strength. In addition, the dramatic battles with the giant Bosses are still available in the new version because it is the familiar image of the Lineage game.

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The game will bring a variety of character systems in both appearances, fighting skills for players to choose to participate in the game. Capturing the character’s skills in the game is also an important factor for players to win in the team battles. Lineage II: Dark Legacy is not as varied as its predecessors, but it does not take a long time to invest in the character development.

Familiar graphics

In terms of graphics, players will easily realize that the style of Lineage II: Dark Legacy is still as familiar as the previous Lineage versions. With sharp 3D image, the dark, mysterious colors are enhanced by the light effects that will give players a high-quality mobile game which is no inferior to any other PC games. The impressive feature of the Lineage game series is still the extremely eye-catching creation the character.

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Download Lineage II: Dark Legacy APK

In general, the game Lineage II: Dark Legacy is not too complicated with attractive gameplay and graphics are as good as the previous Lineage version so this is a good choice for you in this time. You definitely need to try it now! To download the game, you only need to select a link from the list below.

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