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Life360: Live Location Sharing MOD APK (Premium Unlocked, No ADS) 24.5.0

Comprehensive family safety membership plans for busy, modern life.

App NameLife360: Live Location Sharing
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About Life360

Over 50 million people worldwide have downloaded the Life360 app, a family safety tool designed to give them peace of mind. Life360 is an app focusing on location, driving, and digital safety. Its features include sharing your whereabouts, crash detection, and roadside assistance. With the help of Tile Bluetooth trackers, the app may also assist you in locating essential items such as your keys, wallets, and phones if you misplace them.

Locating and monitoring your loved ones is an integral part of location safety

With the use of Life360’s remarkable capabilities, you will be able to track the whereabouts of your loved ones and pinpoint their precise location. The whereabouts of your family members will be displayed on the app as soon as you switch it on after you have done so. If you utilize the dynamic function, you can even upload images of your loved ones to use as their avatars, and their avatars will move along with them wherever they go. This option is only available if you use the feature. The app also allows you to view the distance that other family members have driven, and it gives you access to all of the information, including the distance traveled and connected car updates.

From Crash Detection to Roadside Assistance, New Technologies Are Making Driving Safer

Life360 aims to alleviate families’ everyday driving concerns by providing features such as crash detection and roadside help that are available around the clock. Crash detection enables you to receive notifications if there is a probable car accident involving your loved ones. It also allows you to contact emergency services with just a button. The app also offers round-the-clock roadside assistance that may assist you with issues such as flat tires, dead batteries, and other typical automobile problems.

How to Protect Your Family’s Online Information and Stay Safe in the Digital Age

The app offers data breach alerts to ensure the safety of your family’s online personal information. If yourself in a precarious circumstance, the app will also provide you with ID theft protection and a SandIn addition, Life360 Platinum members can receive aid in the event of a disaster and medical care through the app.

Sharing Your Location: An Easy Way to Let Others Know Where You Are

This app’s sophisticated location-sharing capabilities let you keep friends and family updated on your current whereabouts in real-time. If you use location sharing, you will have an easier time keeping track of your children’s whereabouts and communicating with them about your own whereabouts. You can also use location alerts, which will send you a push message to let you know when your children have returned home safely from school, even if you don’t open the app to check on them.

Integration of Tile Allows You to Keep Tabs on Your Valuable Possessions

Thanks to this app, Tile Bluetooth trackers allow you to know exactly where your most valuable possessions are. If you link your Tile trackers to your Life360 map, you will be able to locate all of the significant people and things to you in a single, convenient location.

Plans for Membership: Pick the One That Best Suits Your Requirements as a Family

When you select a membership plan from the app, you provide your family with excellent benefits such as protection against identity theft, roadside help around the clock, and travel aid. The app lets users choose between three membership plans: silver, gold, and platinum. Each program includes features and perks, and you can test out any project at no cost for seven days before upgrading.


The Life360 app is an all-inclusive family safety software that offers features related to location, driving, and digital safety to more than 50 million members worldwide. The app aims to alleviate families’ day-to-day concerns with features such as sharing a family’s location, automatic crash detection, and roadside assistance. Additionally, the app allows you to use Tile Bluetooth trackers to keep tabs on your most valuable possessions. Life360 provides a range of features and perks to accommodate your family’s specific requirements, and it does so by allowing you to select from three distinct membership options. Get the app right now to keep your friends and family updated on where you are and stay in touch with them.

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