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Legend Trainer 1

Recently, another role-playing game was developed with the image of the famous cartoon, comic book brand – Pokemon. This will be a new role-playing game called Legend Trainer which was released a few days ago. Currently, the Legend Trainer game is only available for the Android devices version on Google Play, while the version for iOS will probably be released in a few days after. Accordingly, Legend Trainer has a new role-playing game style compared to other Pokemon games before with the wonderful graphics.

Legend Trainer 1

Legend Trainer- New role-playing game with Pokemon style

New gameplay

The previous popular Pokemon games have focused mainly on gathering and developing the beast, while the fighting will take place automatically. But Legend Trainer game is not the same. Instead of the automatic gameplay, Legend Trainer requires the player to manually control his Pokémon to take battle with the enemy. Each Pokemon possesses its own skills depending on the system of each species and the level of discovery, so players need to be aware of these elements and have a good mechanism to fight the opponent Pokémon more easily.

Legend Trainer 2

The mission system requires each player to continually pass through the levels to gain experience points, diamonds, gold coins, etc. After completing each level of play, the player will be judged on the rankings and received the credits. The rewards will be extremely diverse, maybe the items to upgrade the rare items, or it can also be the rare items, …

Legend Trainer 4

An impressive feature of this Legend Trainer game is that the real-time PvP gaming is extremely engaging so that players around the world can enter the online arena to demonstrate the ability to raise the monsters as well as his fighting skills. You can bring your Pokémon to interact with other players in the real-time battlefield.

Legend Trainer

What’s the graphics?

Legend of the picture quality game Legend Trainer is equipped with the 3D graphic which is considered to be the most modern one nowadays. It’s not worse than the game on the PC or Console. All the images in the game are made in high detail and extremely vivid. But because of the high-end graphics, it’s a downside to this game as it requires a high configuration device. Developers also announce an eligible number to experience the Legend Trainer game is 3G Ram so it’s not fit with all devices.

Download Legend Trainer APK

Generally speaking, this game has a great gameplay and graphics, and it will definitely be a blockbuster in the near future. However, the configuration of this game is quite high so players have to choose high-end devices to experience the game smoothly. Perhaps Legend Trainer needs to have the feature of graphics adjusting to allow players to choose low, medium or high-quality graphics.

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