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Legend of Solgard is a role-playing game that gamers worldwide have been searching for in recent days. This is a new RPG game developed by King and released in early August. After less than a month of launching, Legend of Solgard has received nearly 40,000 views from players, the number of downloads continues to increase rapidly, currently in the number of more than 1 million downloads.

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Legend of Solgard – King’s role-playing game

Legend of Solgard is set in a different world, where the style of the legend of North Europe. Here, players will be selected for a hero to begin the journey to discover the mystery, treasure from the legend of North Europe. Players will be engaged in a variety of activities, different game modes of Legend of Solgard.

Main features:

  • Fight with other heroes in the Hero Arena
  • Join other guilds to hunt down giant bosses
  • Collect allies and treasures from the Nordic myth
  • Develop and empower your heroes and troops
  • Apply proper tactics to the wars in the game
  • Fight with any opponent, even the giant BOSS
  • Sharp 3D graphics, giving you the best viewing experience
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Download Legend of Solgard APK

Generally speaking, the Legend of Solgard game is created with attractive gameplay, beautiful graphics, so it is welcomed players around the world is not a surprise. If you’re interested in Legend of Solgard, you can download it from the link below to experience it.

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