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Legend of Keepers MOD APK (Paid/ Unlocked) 0.9.6

Legend of Keepers invites you into an exhilarating world of dungeon management where you can revel in playing the villain.

App NameLegend of Keepers
Publisher Playdigious
Require9.0 and up
MOD InfoPaid/ Unlocked
Get it onGoogle Play


About Legend of Keepers

Unleash the inner villain in you with Legend of Keepers, a thrilling dungeon management game with a tantalizing twist. You aren’t the hero, racing to save the princess or reclaim your kingdom. Instead, you are the boss of a dungeon, safeguarding your treasures and holding back the tide of gold-thirsty invaders with all your might and cunning.

In this unique world, you will experience a refreshing break from the stifling norm of micro-transactions. Legend of Keepers stands proud as a premium game, ensuring a fully immersive experience with future, richly packed content DLCs on the horizon.

Revel in the Unconventional: Become the Villain

In this fresh perspective, Legend of Keepers challenges you to embrace the role of the antagonist. Dungeons Company is seeking its new Overlord, and you are just the dark mind they need to protect their wealth from those pesky do-gooders.

The game masterfully blends elements of roguelite and dungeon management. You assemble a fierce force of monsters, set devious traps, and defend your gold from ambitious heroes who dare to enter your lair.

Survive and Thrive in the Dark, Corporate World

Experience the hardships and triumphs of running a dungeon. From dealing with creature-sick leaves to negotiating monster strikes, Legend of Keepers takes you on an engaging journey. Outwit the heroes, climb the corporate ladder, and strategize to make your dungeon the most formidable stronghold ever known.

Manage your resources wisely, from recruiting minions to constructing traps for an impervious fortress. However, the game’s intrigue goes beyond battling enemies at your doorstep. Navigating through the intricate world of alliances and rivalries will test your cunning and diplomacy skills.

Choose Your Path: Variety of Dungeon Masters

Legend of Keepers offers a choice of three unique dungeon masters. Each possesses their distinct abilities and recruits, allowing you to shape your strategic approach and play style.

This game is not about playing nice; it’s about becoming the mastermind behind every downfall of those pesky heroes. Juggle your bloodthirsty employees’ roster, handle the trials of corporate life, and make your enemies succumb to your wicked strategies.

Witness the enchanting animation sequences as your enemies meet their doom. Savor the rich visuals without worrying about unsightly stains!

Manage Your Dark Economy

Master the management of morale, gold, blood, and tears in this unique economy. Every resource spent wisely will contribute to your success.

Explore the three dungeon masters’ distinctive abilities and recruits, each with their own campaigns, offering diversified management styles.

Legend of Keepers has been meticulously redesigned for mobile, boasting a revamped interface, Game Center achievements, MFicontrollers compatibility, and no micro-transactions!


This game amalgamates diverse concepts brilliantly but still leaves room for an extra dash of innovation. The game offers a fast-paced, content-rich experience during the initial hours, continually introducing new concepts and choices. Yet, it’s worth noting that to make Legend of Keepers a lasting joyride, Goblinz Studio could inject more inventive elements.

Embrace the role of the antagonist, enjoy the mix of roguelite and dungeon management, survive the dark corporate life, and ascend to power with Legend of Keepers. Turn your dungeon into an impervious fortress and become the most feared and respected boss in the history of the dungeon realm.

Download Legend of Keepers MOD APK (Paid/ Unlocked) 0.9.6

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