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Left to Survive 3

Although there are many survival games released recently, its trend does not seem to not show the signs of fading out. It still remains super popular among players around the world. And now, the new survival games are constantly being released. Recently, a new survival game was introduced to the entertainment market called Left To Survival. This game was released on the late July by B.V and supports for Android, iOS freely.

Left to Survive 1

Left To Survival – The new attractive survival game from MY COM

The familiar survival gameplay

The content of the game Left To Survival is not totally new, it brings players to the bloodthirsty Zombie world and players will have to fight to survive in this thrilling world. The main task of the player in Left to Survive is to collect items needed for survival and most importantly, weapons to destroy the zombies. It’s not hard to find these zombies, players just need to go out, they will find you out and you must destroy them before they hurt you.

Left to Survive 2

The control mechanism in Left to Survive is very simple. Characters will automatically move and the game will automatically search for shelter whenever needed. And the player just needs to adjust the shot (slide finger to the left of the screen) and hit the right time. In addition, players can choose different weapons to attack depending on the situation.

Left to Survive 3

An interesting new point in the game Left to Survive is that it focuses more on the building element rather than just a common shooting game. When playing the game, players will have to build new buildings, improve the existing ones and manage their resources so that more survivors can come along. Left to Survive is a great third person shooter game that comes with strategic elements so players certainly cannot get bored.

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Realistic graphics

The game Left to Survive is equipped with sharp 3D graphics to bring the most realistic images for players. The scene in the game is built in a city with the high authenticity. In order to create this amazing graphic, developers have adopted the most modern imaging technologies along with the ultra-vivid shadows, lighting, and explosions.

Download Left to Survive APK

Left to Survive is a new attractive survival game combining with the extremely interesting construction factor, so it’s become very popular among players around the world. Left to Survive brings a new dimension to the survival game so you should not miss this great game!

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