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Law Empire Tycoon MOD APK (Unlimited Money) 2.4.0

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What does the journey of owning a law office and becoming a famous lawyer include? Join the simulation game – Law Empire Tycoon to experience the milestones in this law office development journey.

About Law Empire Tycoon

Cogigames is a publisher of famous simulation games on mobile platforms. Law Empire Tycoon is one of the popular simulation games of this publisher. It is suitable for gamers who want to learn more about the work of a lawyer. Also, it helps players to know the process of establishing a famous law firm. Whether you want to be a lawyer or not, you should try this game to learn more about lawyer life. With logically arranged work and realistic graphics, the portrait of a real lawyer has been sketched in this game.

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Key features of Law Empire Tycoon

Law Empire Tycoon does not have high-quality graphics like blockbuster mobile games, but it offers exciting and fun gameplay. Let’s explore now.

The plot of the game

Players will begin their journey in Law Empire Tycoon as young lawyers. He is talented and has the desire to set up a law firm. To do that, he has to face many difficulties from the smallest problems to the big ones. Moreover, difficulties from management and revenue always make him tired. Thus, when transforming into this young lawyer, you need to help him do everything to earn money, prestige, and make his company famous. You will have the opportunity to demonstrate your knowledge and recklessness in decisions about lawsuits. In each successful situation, your company will have more money and grow. The more the company grows, the more challenging tasks appear. Let start playing to feel the attractiveness of the quests revolving around the story of this game.

Generate revenue for the company through lawsuits

For the company to grow, the issue of income must always be a priority. Customers and lawsuits are the main sources of income for your company. The more customers and lawsuits are, the more money and reputation your company will have. At the beginning of Law Empire Tycoon, players will be challenged with one or two basic lawsuits. Your personnel at this time is just a lawyer. So, it is easy to manage and maintain the company’s activities.

Once you’ve succeeded at these basic lawsuits, you need to increase the company’s credibility through more cases. Sometimes you need to engage in complex cases such as bribery, robbery, or murder. Although the danger of these lawsuits is high, the prestige and reputation it gives you are great. You also know that the higher the company’s reputation, the more customers know about it. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the reputation score in the process of running a law firm. If your reputation points drop, what you’ve built is likely to be broken. Therefore, you need to do the work of growing the company and increasing this reputation at once.

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Investigate lawsuits before deciding

As an attorney, you have the right to decide whether or not to accept defense for clients. Therefore, before deciding to assist your client, it is crucial to investigate the case. In particular, the higher the complexity of the projects, the more careful the investigation should be. Law Empire Tycoon offers you many professional tips to help you decide. You can hire a private investigator, do field research, witness research, or even do an independent investigation. Some services will be free for you to use. However, you need to pay for some special services to investigate serious cases. Once you have the results of your investigation, you will have more confidence in deciding to take a case. Try to solve as many lawsuits as possible to earn more money. This money will help you improve your professional skills and strengthen your staff.

Recruiting staff and managers

A good law firm is the home of quality lawyers. Although recruiting costs you a lot of money, you shouldn’t ignore doing it. When you hire good people, the amount of money you earn will increase every day. Therefore, recruiting the best lawyers is the thing you need to prioritize. You can start by recruiting interns, hiring good lawyers, investigators. Then, do not be scared of spending money to improve the professional skills of your employees. Let your staff attend professional courses so that they have more professional skills and work for you better.

Also, once you’ve hired employees, don’t forget to hire more managers to help you keep track of your employees. The cost of hiring a manager is not cheap, but it helps you a lot. A manager does not only help you increase employee productivity but also makes money when you exit the game. It means that this manager will do all the work for you whether you are online/offline. Your office is always in a state of continuous working. Therefore, money also automatically pours into your wallet without your presence. Note, you can only unlock the manager when you reach a certain level in Law Empire Tycoon.

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Join the Law Club

The lawyer club is only open to law firms of high prestige and reputation. It is home to the famous law firms of each country and the best lawyers in the world. To get a slot into this club, your company needs to reach a certain number of reputation points. You need to complete many difficult missions and challenges in exchange for getting this score. This organization will help your law firm quickly become a prestigious law group in the world. Also, it brings you a chance to build an empire named after you.

MOD APK of Law Empire Tycoon

Unlimited Money: You have a lot of money to unlock and upgrade everything in the game. Note that the amount automatically increases as you spend.


The process of developing a law firm is not difficult if you have enough effort and perseverance. Download Law Empire Tycoon now to start doing the work of a professional lawyer and build your empire.

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