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LastCraft Survival is a survival game with the building and role-playing style which is currently being favored by gamers all over the world. LastCraft Survival was developed and released by Pixel Gun 3D not long ago. Currently, this game has received nearly 25,000 positive reviews, along with over 500,000 Google Play Store downloads, although it has only been available for a few days. So this game of LastCraft Survival may have something special that can get the huge attention of players. Let’s go through the below article of ApkMod to find the truth.

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LastCraft Survival- New survival game with Minecraft style

The gameplay

LastCraft Survival is an extremely addictive survival-style action game. And when you first see the game, you will definitely think about the famous Minecraft game series because of the similarity between them. In the ruined world of LastCraft Survival, players must survive from nearly 50 different types of monsters and zombies by manipulating the limited resources.

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The game is quite challenging because when you die in the game, all of your character’s save points will disappear, in other words, you will completely die and have to play again from the beginning. So you have to find the smartest way to survive in this world. But you will not be lonely with these challenges, the game will have the PvP mode that allows you to invite your friends to experience together and overcome the difficulties and challenges in the game.

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In order to fight the monsters, you can choose the necessary equipment and modern weapons for your character. You can make them by yourself or get them after completing the assigned tasks. The system of raw materials and minerals is extremely diversified so the players can freely collect and manipulate the necessary items for his survival war.

Another impressive feature of LastCraft Survival is the very large map system that is randomly built together with the day and night cycle to make the exploring adventure more enjoyable. At present, the game has a collection of nearly 150 widgets and 11 different types of buildings. You can freely experiment with other paths and find other ways to survive.

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Minecraft style graphics

LastCraft Survival owns the simple cubes 2D graphics. The design of the characters seems to be as minimal as possible. And when you start the game, you will definitely refer to the famous Minecraft game series because the image in LastCraft Survival is very similar to this series. Thanks to this simple graphical platform, LastCraft Survival is lightweight and does not require advance configurations to provide the ultimate gaming experience.

Download LastCraft Survival APK V1.3.0

Overall, LastCraft Survival possesses an attractive gameplay with unique cubic graphics, so it quickly becomes popular with gamers around the world. If you like LastCraft Survival, you can download it from the link below for free to experience it, there will be links to Google Play, AppStore and even the LastCraft Survival APK version for you to choose.

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