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Last World is a new survival game which was built based on the Last Day on Earth. This game was released by iDreamSky in late July. Currently, the new Last World game is only available on Google Play for Android devices, while the iOS version is not yet available. So what’s special in this Last World? Is it comparable to the title Last Day On Earth? Let’s take a look at ApkMod’s below review.

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Introduction Last World- The new Last Day on Earth’s copy

The game content

The game Last World will bring players to a world that is on the edge of destruction with all the dangers. After the explosion of a deadly virus, the zombies are taking over the world. They appear everywhere destroying humans, by biting, they will turn the human into a new zombie. Joining the game, you will have to destroy everything, collect items, build weapons, protect yourself not only from the zombies but also from the living ones. Could you be able to survive in the world of the game Last World? Let’s try it!

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Familiar survival gameplay

Starting the Last World, players will take the role of the last survivors of the post-apocalyptic world with the bloodthirsty zombies that can attack and suck up blood. Like the other survival games, at the beginning of the game, the player is just a normal person with nothing but his briefs. Players will then explore the terrain in the game and collect building materials, build bases and collect weapons to prepare for this vital battle.

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At the first level, it is very difficult to craft your own weapons or equipment, regardless of whether you can later learn how to create them. But your most essential task in the game is to try to collect items, raw materials which scatter around and avoid the attacks from the Zombies. Players can take advantage of the simplest things to create the necessary items such as ax made from branches and rocks,… Gradually players will make their refuge better with stoves, desks, etc. to further expand the camp’s own safety.

In addition to the hunger, thirsty, and the dangerous zombies, gamers need to face the fierce competition from other players. However, if you have enough power, you can collect the fellow to fight against the bandits. Gradually, your camp will grow into a formidable force in the wild area. Overall, the gameplay of the Last World is not really brand new, but still very attractive to gamers.

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Realistic graphics

The game Last World is also equipped with extremely sharp 3D graphics with high realism. From the scenery of forests, mountains, buildings, … to the small details such as costumes, grasstops … are all created in high detail. Even the character creation and zombies are very eye-catching, making the Last World like a horror film, not simply a mobile game. The image effects such as weather, lighting, shadows, etc., along with the sound system are perfectly fine.

Download Last World APK

Overall, the game Last World has the similar attractive gameplay as the Last Day on Earth with some other unique features, especially the realistic 3D graphics. That’s why it will definitely be a great game that worths a try in the future. Do not wait anymore to immediately download Last World to experience it. Below there will be a link to Google Play and an APK file for you to download it to your device.

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