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Last Pirate: Island Survival MOD APK (Mega Menu, Money) 1.12.5

Last Pirate: Island Survival MOD APK – Survival game with kraken, fishing and ark. Survive until your days gone offline

App NameLast Pirate: Island Survival
Publisher RetroStyle Games UA
MOD InfoMega Menu, Money
Get it onGoogle Play


About Last Pirate: Island Survival 

Your fight for survival on an unknown island begins in the Last Pirate: Island Survival universe. This paradisaical retreat is so remote that it conceals a host of perils from the outer world. You’ll need a lot of guts and ingenuity to get through this rough patch of ground.

The Struggle to Stay Alive While Searching for Food and Water

The first order of business in this harsh environment is to find a source of water and food. Facing your anxieties, you set out on a mission to locate water, planning to rely on the streams that wind their way through the thick jungle. You’ll need to build a raft so you can capture fish for food and energy so you can go through the upcoming hardships.

In the Face of Monsters

It would be best to do more than eat and drink to make it off the island alive. Godzilla bears a taste for human flesh, and the undead from beyond the grave is just a few formidable foes between you and certain death. Your heroic disposition demands that you rise to the challenge and use any methods to repel these horrible adversaries. To secure your survival, you’ll need to use primitive tools and weapons, such as axes you construct from materials you find on the island.

Developing Expertise in Survival

You learn invaluable survival skills as you make it through terrifying and hungry days. Using what you’ve learned and perfected survival skills, you realize that more challenging difficulties lie ahead. You are now living a nomadic existence, where finding your next meal and a dry place to sleep are your top priorities. Survival skills like constructing rafts, fishing, and making weapons quickly become second nature as you fight to stay alive in an increasingly hostile environment.

The App’s Life-Changing Lessons

The skills learned in Last Pirate: Island Survival apply outside the game. You can improve your chances of surviving in the real world by using what you know in the game. This exciting journey simulates real-world situations and provides training that may be used to overcome challenges and increase longevity.

Truly Sensational Immersive Realism

Players will be captivated by the game’s beautiful graphics and realistic sound design. The images are so well made that you feel like you’re there in all their colorful glory. From the roaring seas to the eerie echoes of the forest, every breath, every motion, and every survival move is accompanied by genuine sound effects. Encounter dangerous monsters and primitive creatures with stunning clarity, elevating the game experience.

Exciting New Features and Expanded Horizons

Last Pirate: Island Survival is constantly updated with new content and challenges to keep its gamers interested. Discover new tools for survival by browsing the game’s virtual stores. Deal with new challenges, including imposing island bosses and a monetary system you must master. The availability of antidotes, new outfits, and rebalanced content all work to improve the overall gaming experience.

MOD APK version of Last Pirate: Island Survival 

MOD feature

  • Immortality;
  • Character is not hungry or thirsty;
  • Infinite gold and stamina.


Those with a penchant for exploration, discovery, and the dogged quest for survival will feel at home on Last Pirate: Island Survival. Plunge headfirst into the game’s real-world setting and prepare to be tested to your limits by difficult obstacles. Download the game right now and start an adventure that will push your boundaries, forcing you to adapt and survive until the end to prove your survival abilities.

Download Last Pirate: Island Survival MOD APK (Mega Menu, Money) 1.12.5

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  • Most apps don’t force updates. You can try an older mod if the latest one doesn’t work.
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