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Today ApkMazon will bring you an extremely impressive RPG from China. This game, called Laplace M, or Kingdom of the Wind (之), is a very popular Chinese and Taiwanese MMORPG game community, creating a fever in the tournament market. location of these two countries. Recently, the company released X-Legend has decided to release another version exclusively for Southeast Asian markets. With an extremely beautiful anime design style, Laplace M promises to open a fascinating world, a romantic but romantic world with a medieval context.

Character system

Regarding the character system, Laplace M will have 4 character classes for players to choose from, including: Mage, Assassin, Warrior or Cleric. Each character class will have different fighting styles and skill sets. For example, Assassin will focus on melee combat, while Mage will use magic, Warrior is a class with a high attack power and a variety of defenses, Cleric is more likely to be more natural in support. support and treatment. These classes will have the Transfer function, unlocked at level 50. Transfers will help the characters unlock new skills and the power index is greatly increased.

Besides, the game also allows gamers to customize their characters to their liking. This is probably one of the indispensable features of RPG series. The characters in the game are more likely to be able to change their way of dressing through fashion stores. Here, players can change the most impressive costumes for their characters.


Information about Laplace M’s play style is not revealed too much. Basically, it’s like other MMORPGs. The task of the player is to perform the assigned tasks to train yourself, combined with other players to form a team. Activities in the game also include copy, PvP, boss fight, etc. Each major player’s activities such as completing quests, participating in copies, team battles, or just logging in every day can also earn get money.

How to organize PvP missions is a little different. No matter how high the player’s level is, the game does not allow you to comfortably sit outside the city area. This is a way for the company to develop limitations, protecting new players from playing against players who have played games for a long time. The next point is the pet system with the name Guardian. This system allows players to develop different pets to put them into their squad. As the player becomes more involved with the pet, the increased level of intimacy will make both sides stronger.

The player can catch the pet along the way, turning it into his pet. Or as players can collect cards to unlock rare and powerful pets. Laplace M will improve the interactive community in the game. Players can make friends with other people, participate in dating activities and can even build a virtual family.

System requirements

Laplace M APK mobile version will require players to use the smartphone running a minimum of dual core, Android ver 4.4 with 2GB RAM. The iPhone version will require iOS 9 optimization with 1GB of RAM. This is a fairly light phone configuration, even smartphones costing only VND 2 million can also experience good APKs. Android and iOS operating system users can interact with each other rather than being divided platforms. However, the regions of the world will be clearly divided so that players are easier to make friends and socialize.


In general, this Laplace M game has been developed with attractive gameplay, eye-catching anime-style image so it will definitely be a high-quality game that you should not ignore at the beginning of 2019. Currently, the game is not officially released, you can only register Laplace M via the game’s homepage from the link below. After the game is officially released, you will receive valuable gifts if you register. ApkMazon will update the download link Laplace M game the earliest for readers, please wait.

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