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Langrisser Mobile 1


  • Publisher: ZlongGames
  • Platforms: Android 4.0+
  • Price: Free
  • Size (APK + DATA / IPA): 58M
  • Latest Version: 2.6.3
  • MOD Features: NO
  • Date Updated: April 25, 2019

Langrisser is a tactical role-playing game series with five major episodes from the producer Masaya, with the first version released in 1991 on Mega Drive. Later versions, such as Sega Saturn, Snes, PC have appeared. Although not creating too much attraction, but this game still receives a large number of players. In recent years, this game is no longer popular with so many new role-playing games. But recently, this game was redeveloped by a game company from China with the mobile version.

Langrisser Mobile 1

The game will be released by ZlonGame (a Chinese studio) sometime in the upcoming time. Langrisser Mobile is now completed and in the process of trial, bug fixing and preparation for the release of the official version. While waiting for the release of the game Langrisser Mobile, we are going to find out some new features in this version compared to the original one, whether it can be successful in the varied role-playing market today.

Langrisser Mobile – The return of the 27-year-old blockbuster

The same plot

The plot of the original Langrisser, from parts I to III, (from the five main parts) was converted to the mobile version, but the developer will cut some small details to fit the mobile platform. The plot is summed up but the gameplay has been upgraded with a number of levels up to 300 stages, not including the levels for each of the 13 main characters.

Langrisser Mobile 2

Because the content remains, the context of Langrisser Mobile will still be the imaginary war in ancient Germany between the two sides of light and shadow. This is the battle for the power of the holy sword Alhazard and Langrisser. The game will not divide the character system into good and evil, but each of them will have different personalities for you to explore. The Langrisser sword represents the good, the light, and the Alhazard is the sword of darkness for the destruction of the world. Everything is objective, not exactly good or evil, it’s all up to each character.

Langrisser Mobile 3

Familiar gameplay

Langrisser Mobile still develop the traditional role-playing gameplay, just like the original version, but with some newly added features to create the novelty. Joining the game and you will still choose the character, then step into the adventure with the turn-based gameplay based on the main plot. Groups of soldiers will be hired at each end of the screen, including soldiers, archers, spells, cavalrymen, navy, etc. Since the mobile screen is small, the number of troops you choose will be limited, not as much as the PC or Console version. It somehow reducé the appeal of this RPG.

The soldiers who follow the general will go together instead of going in small groups like the original, so you can easily observe and control these soldiers. Instead of adjusting the hero and then adjusting the troops in the area effectively, the mobile version has the maximum streamline so that the game is faster, consistent with the trend and you do not need to manipulate too much on the screen.

Langrisser Mobile 4

Graphics and sound system are upgraded

The game has many changes in terms of graphics and sound effects under the support of Live2D technology. The characters still speak Japanese, the Chinese sub will run next. Besides, the graphics are upgraded to be more beautiful, more accessible to the player. The publisher has developed more skins for the characters that can be acquired by the game money or when you level up. Overall, Langrisser Mobile’s graphics are rated on average, nicer than the original but nothing special so they do not impress the players.

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Download Langrisser Mobile APK

As such, the blockbuster role-playing game Langrisser will officially return to the entertainment market in the coming future. If you are a big fan of this immersive strategy game, do not miss the upgraded version of Langrisser Mobile. Currently, the official version has not been released so you can only play it through the APK version below. ApkMazon will update the information about Langrisser Mobile as soon as possible.

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